WATCH – Newt Gingrich Proves Martha Raddatz Is An Idiot, Talks About Media Coup

ABC’s Martha Raddatz, so far in this election process, has a single claim to fame.  In the October 9 debate, she teamed up with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and the Democratic Nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, to triple team Donald Trump.  Now, she has another notch on her belt as it were, in trying to take down Donald Trump.

Not a comely woman by Fox News standards, and having a voice that sounds a lot like ground glass, Raddatz got to interview one of the most towering intellects in all of American politics, former Speaker of the House and Trump supporter Newt Gingrich, on Sunday morning , and shock of shocks, he wiped the floor with her.

In the video below, it is quite obvious that Raddatz is overmatched.  She reads her questions from the desk, rather than memorizing.  She is not nimble in her interview technique.  She also has lame excuses for the mainstream media’s carrying on about a sex tape of men’s talk between Donald Trump and Billy Bush that swayed no Trump support away from him.  And then there was this:

Martha Raddatz tries to mock the idea of election fraud, while Gingrich reminds her this country’s own history has proven fraud takes place. He also explains that without the media, Trump would be defeating Hillary Clinton by fifteen points and poised to win in a landslide.

DC Whispers points out that Raddatz never denies Gingrich’s claims.  She just pussyfoots around the notion that anything about this election is rigged, when Trump and Gingrich, Project Veritas, Wikileaks, and bloggers all over the internet have been busy proving that it is rigged from top to bottom.

This was not a stellar performance by Ms. Raddatz by any means, and by way of introduction to this writer, her technique begs for the return of Tim Russert’s ghost.  He may have been a blue dog Democrat, but he knew how to conduct a decent interview even with those who opposed him.

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