WATCH Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Want To Tell Women How Big Their Families Should Be


Over the years, we Catholics have desperately wanted to hide Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in a closet for saying and doing some really ridiculous stuff.  On one of the hottest hot button topics, abortion and contraception, for us, she is an outspoken critic of the Church’s teachings whether she sees it that way or not.

(Yes, over the centuries, before the science of how reproduction works was discovered and pretty well settled, there have been some big names in Catholicism doubt the teaching, but they always come back to the same thing: life begins at conception.  The birth control argument was best settled by Pope Saint Paul VI in Humanae Vitae, but hardly anyone actually READ what the pontiff had to say. Almost 50 years ago, he was prophetic.)

Roll Call sat down with Nancy Pelosi to talk over “women’s issues” including the Center for Medical Progress videos and the editing of them, Planned Parenthood, Republicans, contraception and a whole lot more.  Not sure if laughing, crying or banging one’s head against a wall is appropriate with this exchange.

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“I don’t believe in abortion on demand.”  And what does this dimwit think Roe vs. Wade was all about?  The entire trimester nomenclature was designed to give a screen to early terminations.  The physicians who fought for abortion on demand gave killing a child in the womb cover with this language.  For Pelosi to try to distance herself from the arguments at this late date is an insult to the intelligence of all the women she proports to represent.

A member of the household once said of Nancy Pelosi that she is a country club wife who is too dumb to play Bridge.  Could be.  But what she really is, is good at spouting the leftist lines.  When it comes to contraception, all the way around, the left is making Republicans the bogey man all because the people believe that if someone wants to have sex without consequences, they should be the ones to pay for the prevention.  Most of them don’t particularly care what size families are just so long as they don’t have to pay for it.

As for respect for women, Madama Pelosi forgets that a good many of us who disagree with her on life and sex issues are women.  We are women who have been damaged in one way or another in the social breakdown after the sexual revolution and the resulting aftermath.  And we see that Nancy is talking out of both sides of her mouth on this.

Nice try, Bela Pelosi, but what you want the world to believe just won’t wash.

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