WATCH MSNBC Peeps SLAM Hillary Camp’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Claims


No matter which way anyone slices it, the last few weeks have not gone well for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race and otherwise.  Public opinion polls are leaning toward the people really thinking she is not trustworthy.  She lost the popular vote in a primary to an unabashed socialist.  There are multiple investigations open as to the criminality of her conduct as Secretary of State, including safeguarding the country’s national intelligence assets.  One former Director of Military Intelligence called her “unworthy” to be president.  And she and her campaign manager have hauled out the old “there is a vast right wing conspiracy” trying to sink her candidacy as the reason behind her free fall in the polls.

The people who populate the panels over at MSNBC aren’t buying it.  Their judgement as to the efficacy of Barack Obama as president might be suspect, but on this the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza agrees with Joe Scarborough: there’s too much swirling around Hillary to be able to effectively pull that card right now.

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Hillary has “hack” spokesmen, and hack this, and hack that, and they are attacking the integrity of the inspectors general who are just doing their jobs (thank Heaven someone is in Washington) and it’s all part of a conspiracy….

Cillizza actually puts it all together rather nicely.  Just to review:

“Here’s the problem,” Washington Post Reporter Chris Cillizza explained. “[Clinton] did an interview with Rachel Maddow earlier this week [and] was asked about this idea that lots and lots of people, Democrats importantly, don’t believe that she’s honest and trustworthy, and her answer for that was that’s because there’s been years and years of concerted Republican attacks on me that none of it is founded on anything.”

He continued, “That is true; there’s no question that Republicans have spent years not liking the Clintons. But at the same time, this is why this latest investigation matters. This is the State Department [and] the FBI. This isn’t the House Select Committee on Benghazi. This isn’t Ted Cruz. This isn’t Donald Trump.”

“It’s just hard to make the case that this is a vast right-wing conspiracy,” Cillizza said. “Remember there are now three ongoing investigations. There’s the State Department into the Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin. There’s the State Department into the private email server and the FBI into the private email server, as well as whatever’s going in Congress.”

Both men in this clip are correct: to blame the vast right wing conspiracy for Hillary Clinton’s own failures – and getting caught in law breaking – undermines the argument and insults the integrity of the process.  And yes, at this point, it is ringing very much like the hollow argument that it is.  The FBI doesn’t just open criminal probes when right wingers in Congress call them.  Even leftist pundits know that.

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