WATCH: Leak Tells Of Hillary Clinton Spilling National Security Secrets To Elite

Time to add another felony to the list Hillary Clinton has already racked up.  Buried in the midst of the John Podesta email spill are the transcripts of some of her speeches.  Specifically, the ones that are problematic in this case, were given before Canadian bankers.  According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News, the speeches contained a lot of information that no one else would dare divulge.  She told them about how American intelligence found Osama bin Laden and then went in to kill him.

Fox’s Herridge and Bill Hemmer talk it over in the segment below, and express complete disbelief that the Obama Administration is not in any way pressing charges.  In addition, when asked, one former Special Operations figure weighs in on how that community sees the investigation into the incident and the people who don’t seem to know how to keep their mouths shut.

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So, here we have a former Secretary of State telling a group of CANADIAN bankers about one of the most daring raids our Special Forces have carried out in recent memory – including intelligence gathering methods and details – during a paid speech, and the mainstream media is ignoring the story.

Not only that, and this is what should stick in the craw of everyone who understands the concept of double standard, but the Navy SEAL who wrote about the mission and produced a best-selling book with the story must forfeit his earnings from the effort AND faces criminal prosecution for disclosing state secrets.

Oh, hey, no double standard there.

Yes, We the People are sick of these revelations leading nowhere.  We are sick of the grifters who act like Bonnie and Clyde on steroids and who don’t care that they are stepping all over the American people on their way to government power.  So long as the status quo is maintained, though, that’s just the reality that we will deal with.

H/T – Dc Whispers


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