WATCH: Judge Napolitano On Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders

Judge Napolitano

Now that we the people know what is in Barack Obama’s wish list for gun control, and what he tried to do Tuesday when usurping Congressional powers – and those of the states – reaction is pouring in from the punditry.  Judge Andrew Napolitano, our dear libertarian arbiter with a social conservative streak, chimed in today with Gretchen Carlson on what about this move from the White House is legitimate, and what is not.

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It’s doubtful that anyone is going to have much of a problem with broadening mental health probes so long as the mental health issues being explored are legitimate ones.  Even the thought of more FBI agents in the right Justice Department isn’t so bad.  More information in a government held database…that’s asking for a situation the founders would be most likely to abhor.  Creating a new crime, on the other hand…yeah, not only is that not Obama’s to do, the crime in question – giving property to children or friends – strikes at eliminating inheritance among other anti-American sentiments.

Congress told Obama three times they weren’t doing this?  Even as wishy washy as the Republicans can be?  So, he tries it on his own.  Oh, yeah, that’s going to work.

The judge does say what we all know: the next president could rescind this executive order or ignore it, their perogative.  The bigger question is will someone out there allow themselves to be a sacrificial lamb and challenge the legality since unilateral law making by an executive is illegal in this republic.

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