WATCH: Judge Nap On Hillary’s Gross Negligence

Frustrating does not begin to describe the lingering of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  Every time a new cache of emails has been released by the State Department – or anyone else – per freedom of information act (FOIA) requests, there seems to be bombshells galore.

Just about the full punditry of the American mainstream media will not excuse the unsecured server that was used in the Clintons’ home in New York for convenience while Hillary was Secretary of State.  Due to the nature of the internet and a private fire wall, there is no way to make the server completely secure.  That much is understood.  However, it has been Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano who has repeatedly catalogued the list of felonies that Hillary Clinton is racking up as this affair unfolds.  Today’s lesson from Hizzonor’s Chambers regards the “gross negligence” of Mrs. Clinton’s actions and the relation of that charge to the others facing her if the Justice Department bothers to prosecute her.

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“The failure to keep state secrets is called espionage.”  This can be intentional – which does not seem to be the case – or when the individual JUST DOESN’T CARE if they are exposed.  As the good judge says, there is a mountain of evidence that Mrs. Clinton JUST DOESN’T CARE.  And she just doesn’t care that she impugns the reputations of other Secretaries of State, regardless of how well they did their jobs, when she says they all did this, and there is no proof that any other Secretary of State set up a personal email server to handle work email.  Other Secretaries of State DID NOT through criminal negligence expose state secrets to the elements and foreign governments, either.

And that is just the beginning of the frustrations that come with HILLARY! and her bathroom server.  Sooner or later this is all going to come to a crashing end.  The question will be will her accusations of the investigation being a product of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy stick.

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