WATCH Judge Nap: Hillary Has More To Worry About From The FBI Than Bernie Sanders

Judge Napolitano

Now that the State Department has flat out said that 22 of Hillary Clinton’s emails cannot be released in any way shape or form, redacted or not, since they contain actionable intelligence, the people over at FoxNews, anyway, are having a field day.  Catherine Herridge has been reporting, and Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Stuart Varney’s show to talk about what all this means.

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When 100 FBI agents are combing through your email, and the State Department won’t let THOSE people – some of whom are lawyers with a code of privacy – not see certain emails because they do not have the proper security clearance…and yet those emails were available to all hackers foreign and domestic on a private server….  Intelligence sources, methods and assets were exposed to anyone who cared to hack the system.

David Petraeus got tossed out of the Army for much less.

Hmm.  Shall we review the list of crimes the good judge outlines for us in terms even Hillary Clinton can understand?  Not necessarily the legal ones?

  • Gross negligence
  • Improper handling of top secret information
  • Lying to the nation
  • Endangering the lives of intelligence officers
  • Treason

And that doesn’t count what happened in Benghazi.  Do we really need any more proof this woman is a walking criminal?

The judge has been describing Hillary’s email escapades as grave or worse than grave?  Judge Nap, Hillary Clinton is digging her own grave with her careful parsing of the words that are contradicted with every tranche of emails released by any one of the various government agencies investigating them at this point.  Beyond the shadow of a doubt she broke national security law.  Forget all the conflicts of interest and profiting done by her consort while she was in office as well as the influence peddling.  She put national intelligence in danger by her actions that were premeditated.  And the judge is absolutely right on one point: how did this happen for four years and no one thought to call Mrs. Clinton on it.

And this happens at the beginning of Iowa caucus week…call Hollywood.  A script is in the making.

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