WATCH Judge Jeanine TAKES APART Philly Mayor (OUCH)

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Alright, I admit to maybe depending on Judge Jeanine Pirro a little too much for the asbestos writing needed to slam elected officials who insist on being politically correct.  But, of late, she’s been on a roll.  Judge Jeanine is throwing books, candles, beds, and kitchen sinks at all sorts of people for doing and saying stupid stuff.  What’s more, we out here on the fruited plain wish we could say it the same way.

This week, after a man claiming to be under the influence of Islam shot a Philadelphia police officer more or less at point blank range, the mayor of that city took to the airwaves to say, Oh, no, this shooting in no way reflects on the teachings of Islam.  Really?  Here’s what the Judge had to say about that.  (Yeah, be glad you are not on the receiving end of this.)

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This had the judge so worked up, she disturbed the hair spray holding her coif.  (That was actually pretty refreshing.)  Asinine is the correct word for the rhetoric coming from the politically correct crowd.  See, since all these lone wolf attacks, and the coordinated unofficial terrorist strikes, have been going in in the last year, we the people have educated ourselves about Islam and all that is involved with it.  We understand that attacking the infidel with intention to harm the person is acceptable to the followers of the religion.  We also understand that finding people are adherents of Islam who are not “radicalized” and are willing to denounce the violence is nigh impossible.  That has to be a feature of the faith.

Mayor Kenney’s apologetics are pretty easy to see through, and Judge Jeanine called him on it.  There’s no shame in that.  Some of us just wish we could have come up with asbestos worthy words the same way Madama Pirro can.

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