WATCH Judge Jeanine RIPS Mitt Romney TO SHREADS

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Judge Jeanine Pirro, the thoughts that go through the minds of patriotic Americans who are coalescing in the middle rather than under the label of progressive or conservative, strong words may not get said.  Politically incorrect words.  Facts, concepts and ideas that need a cohesive underpinning to be linked together.

Proving once again her prowess and talents at crafting complicated monologues easily understood by the masses, on Saturday night, the good judge more or less dictated an open letter to Mitt Romney and by extension his handlers and followers.  For anyone who is confused by the dizzying array of issues in the 2016 election and the litany of concerns that the American people have which are being ignored by the establishment, the judge makes her case…and reminds Romney and the establishment of their failures when it comes to convincing the people to vote for them.

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What Judge Jeanine nails with this opening statement is that the American people are sick and tired of legislators who are not paying attention to the needs of the citizens.  It seems that every move made, every pact agreed to, every treaty signed sells out the people in a way that is not just against our wills, but is sneaky and underhanded.  What is even more disturbing, is that many times international agreements are made the details are rarely made public until signing or ratification has either happened or is imminent.  That is not what the every day people want.

Donald Trump’s rise in political circles is a sign of the insurrection that is being fed by the constant nuancing of facts from those selling themselves as “experts”, and the number of pundits who tell the people what to think and who is best for the country.  It isn’t simply the politicians that are getting it both barrels from the people, but the media as well.  The silent majority are in the process of rejecting what has been fed to them.  And the Republican Party thought it was a good idea to parade Mitt Romney out to make the case for a brokered convention.  If there was ever a case of the blind leading the blind….

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