WATCH Johnathan Gentry GOES OFF On Beyonce’s SuperBowl Statement

In the last year, as the #BlackLivesMatter crowd was getting out of hand, we the people of the fruited plain were introduced to a Los Angeles area man by the name of Johnathan Gentry.  Mr. Gentry, to put it mildly, has his head screwed on massively straight.  To the benefit of ALL OF US, he is a black man willing to speak the truth to the people using race as a crutch to play the victim card.

Over the weekend, viewers of the SuperBowl, a spectacle  of high ratings proportions (it helps pay for a whole lot as the year goes on), watched one of the more promoted “talents” out there, Beyonce, put on a Black Power show featuring a number of black women in pseudo bondage and S & M outfits “dance” in the formation of an X.  (And, yes, she almost fell flat on that famous gluteus maximus on live international television.)  Leftists, liberals and the blind sheep thought it was fabulous.  People sick of the race cards, and all the white guilt were outraged. Mr. Gentry had a different reaction.

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#DoubleStandard is beyond right.  The heck with white robes and the Klan, those of us who are of Irish descent are not allowed to talk about the realities of Irish slaves in America, or that our ancestors were the subjects of multiple genocides over the centuries.

And he is right…how can Beyonce protest the po-lice when a hundred of them escorted her to the SuperBowl, and those are the people keeping the terrorists out of the sports venues.

We can argue on the last days idea, and who is actually sponsoring Beyonce and her act, but the reality of the double standard is just as Mr. Gentry states it: people not of color aren’t allowed to speak the truth of their history at the expense of any other group, right or wrong.  And we aren’t allowed to point out that deficiency, either.

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