WATCH Homeless Woman Guarding Trump’s Star Assaulted, Sought By Trump Lawyers

A homeless woman who could have mental issues, but demonstrated quite a bit of bravery anyway, parked herself over Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame earlier this week after vandals took to it with a sledge hammer.  Images of her protecting the star went viral.  And then, just like the people who feel free to destroy property are wont to do in this election season, this happened:

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As of Friday evening, Michael Cohen, an Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald Trump, put word out on Twitter, specifically appealing to Diamond and Silk for help, that Trump himself was looking for the woman.  He has something for her.


Subsequent tweets implore anyone who finds the woman to contact him directly, not via the campaign. As Gateway Pundit points out, that means for Donald Trump, this is personal. The conversation went into the night with Mr. Cohen and the twitter community. There are people in Hollywood looking for the woman for Trump, and sooner or later she will be found.

The reality is, though, that this incident is a microcosm of this election. Most Americans in liberal outposts – like the one where this writer lives – are afraid to actually publicly endorse Trump as a candidate. Lawn signs are stolen and burned. Cars get keyed or spray painted. Trump’s star got smashed. The opposition has no qualms anymore of respecting property, either public or private.

And then to attack a woman, homeless or not, for expressing her thoughts – and the reality that with tens of millions of people living on the streets, even the homeless have competition from illegals – is plain and simply unAmerican. Whoever that woman is, and what ever her story is, she is still a human being and does not deserve to be beaten for saying things the Hillary cult doesn’t want to hear.


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