WATCH: Donald Trump FINALLY Reveals How Mexico Is Going To Pay For The Wall

2016 has to be the craziest year this observer has ever seen in politics.  Back when the candidates were tossing their berets, oops, I mean hats, in the presidential circus tent, Donald Trump made one of the darndest statements many of us have ever heard when it comes to campaign promises.  He said that not only were we going to build a wall on the southern border, but that Mexico was going to pay for it.

After the laughter died down, and Mr. Trump said that a few more times, the reaction to the concept got a lot more real.  FORMER Mexican President Vicente Fox said some vulgar things in an interview.  Most people wondered who was going to pay the invoice.  The rest of us wanted to see Trump back up his assertions with a plan of just exactly how this was going to happen.

Mr. Trump sat down with Sean Hannity explained just where the money was going to come from.  (It’s almost at the end.)

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So, the plan is to spend the $10 Billion and have the revenue come out of a realigning of the trade deficit?  No invoices.  That’s going to disappoint a lot of the “gotcha” sorts, since it reflects a level of financial understanding that moves beyond the household level.  It may not work in the long run as the cash may well be made up in other ways.  After all, the revenue streams flowing from the United States to Mexico are many.  It’s not just all drugs and a trade deficit.  There’s also cash sent back by the guest workers and immigrants, legal and otherwise.

However one slices it, as fantastic as it sounds, and as much as the words “deal” and “negotiations” strike fear into the hearts of the American political right, Trump has thought about this and is willing to play hardball to get the job done.   He wasn’t just speaking off the cuff.  As an idea, it is worth considering given the realities that people at the border are living with.

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