WATCH – Donald Trump Crowd Boos The Media

All over the country, we are seeing YUGE crowds with tens of thousands of people showing up at Donald Trump rallies.  More and more the mainstream media is trying to hide that fact.  Not only that, some of the more watched networks are cutting live feeds to the speeches in favor of covering bimbo eruptions that are being debunked left and right.

As a feature of his presidential campaign, a posse of reporters and mainstream media operatives follows Donald Trump just like every other candidate.  At rallies and speeches, they are kept in a sort of bullpen set up for their needs with tables, phone lines, yada yada.

This week, after some blatantly unfair, biased and downright slanderous coverage of Donald Trump, the crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, let the fifth column of the fourth estate have it.  Watch this first hand account:

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For the people out on the fruited plain who are fretting after seeing poll numbers and other MSM psy-ops propaganda that the presidential race is close, this should be a bit gratifying, even if it is an InfoWars report.

From an address in New Hampshire, October 15:

Instead of being held accountable, Hillary is running for President in what looks like a rigged election. The election is being rigged by corrupt media, pushing completely false allegations and outright lies, in an effort to elect her President.

But we are going to stop it. We are not going to back down. We are not going to let it happen. We are just getting started.

Americans have had it with the years, the decades, of Clinton Corruption. They get rich stealing your jobs and shipping them to other countries.

This will finally be the year the American people say: Enough is Enough.

This is also the year that the people FINALLY caught on to the lies being fed to them via the mainstream media.  We partially have Donald Trump to thank for that.

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