WATCH COMEY CAVE: The Words The FBI Director Used To Betray The Rule Of Law

Now that the shock is setting in, settling a bit, and starting to fester in the American consciousness, it’s time for everyone out there to watch and listen – again – to the words that FBI Director James Comey used to explain that while, yes, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have had classified and top secret information on her unsecured home server…there’s not enough evidence to charge her with a crime.

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Wait, just a second, the Department of Justice didn’t know what you were going to say, Jimmy?  Then what was the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch hand off on the tarmac all about?  It just didn’t wash that they were talking about golf in over a hundred degree weather.  The grand kids?  Maybe in passing, but for half an hour?

So, the case was referred from the Office of Intelligence Inspector General?  Those guys just don’t make recommendation for criminal probes.  Has anyone talked to them?  This can’t sit well if they were asking for a criminal probe given all that has come out in recent months.

The standard is intentionally, or in a grossly negligent way.  Uh…even if Hillary is so dumb as to be grossly negligent with classified information, you’d think somebody at the State Department would have explained that home servers aren’t secure.  And if that was the case, do we really want somebody THAT STUPID as president?

Let’s face it, folks, Comey said it here, any hacker worth his or her salt knows how to cover their tracks.  So, the FBI couldn’t find any evidence hacking happened.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t.  (And in fact, we know it did.)

The whole “her lawyers just read the headers” part was hair tearing in nature.  (Anyone else wonder if these guys should be disbarred?)  In order to properly redact anything, a lawyer needs to read it.  That was gross negligence on the lawyers’ parts.

More or less, in a statement that he didn’t have to make, and with a recommendation that rarely happens, FBI Director Comey said: here’s what Hillary did – yes, we confirm it.  She’s guilty as sin.  BUT, because she’s Hillary, she walks – at least that is what we are recommending to the Justice Department, because “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” – a statement that holds the meaning we on the fruited plain just don’t want to know.

Now the ball is in the court of a public that isn’t as stupid as the elites think we are.  As far as Hillary is concerned, she all but has the crown now that Barack Obama is escorting her on Air Force One.

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