Watch a Black Cop BODY SLAM a Non-Violent White Man, Why Isn’t the Media Calling THIS “Racism”?

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Watch This Black Cop BODY SLAM a Non-Violent White Man, Where is the Media?

Any time someone records video of a white police officer using “excessive force” against a black man, the liberal media plays the footage on a loop. In this case, the officer is black, so don’t expect to see this clip on CNN any time soon.

The incident happened on Bourbon Street in Louisiana on Saturday morning.

State Police said the trooper in the video had just finished his shift when he was asked to step in to a bar because a man who troopers identify as Michael Hoffman, of Illinois, refused to leave.

“The trooper came in, asked this gentleman to leave who was also accompanied by his brother. The trooper on multiple occasions asked Mr. Hoffman, who we later identified, asked Mr. Hoffman to leave multiple times. He was just trying to get him to go up the street to go back to his hotel. His brother was with him,” said Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Trooper Melissa Matey.

“Once the trooper decided to, he was going to make an arrest on Mr. Hoffman, that’s when his brother was pushed out of the way in order for the trooper to gain compliance of Mr. Hoffman.”

Louisiana State Police feel no excessive force was used.

The video has gone viral on social media because of the obvious double standard. We all know, if the races were switched, Black Lives Matter would be protesting their hate filled hearts out over this. So where are the cries of racism from white people? Oh wait, there aren’t any!

Watch the video below and decide whether this was excessive force or not…

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