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Zo Jan 1 2016

It’s been a while since this writer has railed on the political right and conservatives for lack of participation in the pop culture wars.  Bottom line, we can complain about how few entertainment options there are for conservatives, and how ignorant the young of the country are when it comes to the difference between capitalism and socialism, but until the offerings educating the next generations are adjusted to include the realities of the two systems, and amusements become more conservative themed and elevate conservative ideals, nothing is going to change.

And, please, don’t say, But, CL, you’re an opera singer!  That’s conservative and BO-RING!  Well, actually, the main themes of opera are gratuitous sex and violence, and with the subtitles, some of them are pretty funny.  But, I digress.

The opening sentiment of this piece – the one that causes headbanging among a whole lot of us – is now enshrined in one of the best videos AlfonZO Rachel has made yet for ZONATION.  Check out what the man has to say about conservatism, pop culture, capitalism and selling the ideals to young Americans.

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Zo is not conservative enough?  That’s a charge that might stick to Donald Trump in any other election year, but Zo?  Wanna come at that again?

In this video, our hero Zo takes crap from someone who says he does not go far enough in his conservatism.  That Zo must free himself from the shackles of pop culture in order to be considered one.  Why?  Because the critic has no use for pop culture.

Well, actually, Zo is correct.  Conservatives need to get creative and use pop culture to transmit the message of social tradition, morality and faith in a way that the people will listen.  That means not just music of all forms, but television, theater, fine arts, mass market novels and short stories, movies, and any other medium that transmits a message.  At this point, in pop culture, the left is firmly in control.  No, there is no financing for these forms of art and entertainment from ANY source since conservatives give money to politicians and political parties, not artists…that means we are going to have to produce it and publish on our own, and no, there is no shame in making money off of one’s work in the arts.  Zo is a musician and video star.  Some of the rest of us are artists in other media.  Just because one is an artist does not mean that we have to starve while transmitting the conservative message.

The one issue where Zo and others who eschew some tradition and intellectualism need to bend a bit, is higher minded philosophy and intellectual learning.  Just a bit to start.  Too much all at once can ruin the appetite for it.

So, my fellow Americans, when it comes to teaching the people all about conservatism and capitalism, Zo is spot on: we have to make it appealing.  That is what the conservative movement is lacking.  And that is the challenge for the followers if we want to actually turn this country to the right for good.

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