WATCH – 2 African-American Men INSULTED By Obama’s Words (POWERFUL)

Over the weekend, the Occupier of the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama, gave a stump speech for the current Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  He was speaking at the Black Congressional Caucus.  The words that he used around the message of “protecting his legacy” insinuated that just because the people are black, they were to vote for Hillary.  This guy has other ideas.

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Another man, Dan Adams according to his YouTube channel, REALLY, REALLY was ticked off by the notion let alone the statement.  Just because he’s black he’s supposed to just fall in line and do what the Occupier of the Oval Office tells him.  Not even.

Demonstrating the power of all this new media in the people’s hands, Mr. Adams recorded his thoughts.  Here they are.

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If there’s anything this little white girl has learned over the years, it is not to insult men by trying to order them around.  It’s just not a good idea.  Especially guys who have a brain.  Their decisions and actions may not be in line with my thoughts and sentiments, but they have to live with the results of their actions.  It’s on them.  Telling such people how to vote – and then adding that it would be a personal insult to the person speaking – is just, rude.

Mr. Adams and Handy Mayhem demonstrate that a lot of African-Americans are at the end of their rope and getting very frustrated at being defined by the color of their skin.  The people of color, blacks, descendants of those from Africa – call them what you will – are just as diverse within their community as everyone else is.  There’s those who are smart, these two gentlemen are good examples, those who are followers, there are good people who make you proud, and those that just aren’t.  Why should they be expected to just fall in line base on the one factor of skin color?

Good job, guys.

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