Watch A Short History Of Islam (Lots O’ Graphics)

We here in the United States who are still trying to figure out how Robert E. Lee thought he was going to take Gettysburg don’t think about the history of the Middle East much.  It’s a long way away, and so much of that history happened so long ago.

(This writer actually gets comments saying, I don’t want to know what happened centuries ago, just what’s going on now!)

Well, here’s the problem.  In order to understand many earthly conflicts today, we need to know how they started.  In the Middle East, that means learning the history of Islam.

Britain First published a 10 minute video on their Facebook page that walks a viewer through 1400 years of conquering warlords, family feuds, beheadings, Crusades, taxes, the rise and fall of defunct empires, European colonialism, and a whole lot more.  In short, it is the history of Islam.  There is no mention of pedophilia, rape and all the other things that we in the west associate with the Islamic system.  When it comes to any system or regime conquering another – save Christianity despite those that got carried away – assume that is implied.  (During the U.S. Civil War, the Union pretty much raped the south.  We forget that, too.)

Grab a beverage and a notebook.  This is rather dense.

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That overview is really rather cut and dried and does leave out a lot of details…like the attempted conquering of Europe in the Middle Ages by the Moors (thus prompting the need for the Crusades).  It also leaves out the Christians abandoning the center of Byzantium, Constantinople, in 1453 by the west and the subsequent fall of the city.  However, the basic gist is there: the countries of the west tried to bend and shape the Middle East to their advantage and created a mess.

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