WALLS DON’T WORK? Tell The Secret Service In Philly

Over and over again in response to Donald J. Trump’s call for a wall on the southern American border Democrats said that walls don’t work.  With THEIR national convention coming up in Philadelphia, the Secret Service is working on a security perimeter.  How are they going to keep the protesters who have promised to disrupt the event out of the venue?  From Breitbart:

The Secret Service special agent in charge of security during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month said there will be a security perimeter around the Wells Fargo Complex that will extend higher than five feet.

The DNC’s annual event will include “no-scale fencing,” Special Agent James Henry told NBC10.com.

If this is part of the security plan…do walls work or not?

Are walls racist, then?

Are barriers protectionist?

What about exclusionary?

There are other words that come to mind: isolationist, xenophobic, closed…hypocritical.  (Yeah, we’re not supposed to notice that.)

The Breitbart piece goes on to compare the security features for the Democratic National Convention to those of last year’s papal visit, as if the smaller crowd and less cramped venue area can be put side by side.  No-scale fencing was also used for that occasion.

What seems to be at issue is the threat of protest from a very organized, and determined group of Bernie Sanders supporters.  They see themselves as jilted (well, yeah), and plan to disrupt the convention.  Loudly. There are other threats of protests, and other groups that may have disruption in mind.  With two ex-presidents in attendance, the Secret Service does have to keep all of them safe, so the extra security will be in place.

The delicious irony, of course, is that it’s going to take a wall to do it.

Henry said FDR Park officials will be on patrol outside of the security perimeter, reiterating that every detail has not been decided.

“It’s still in a little bit of flux,” he said. “Not unlike the papal visit, the perimeter was in a state of flux for, really, up until a couple weeks, if not even closer, to the event, before it was firmed up.”

And no-scale fencing will be in the mix.  Gotta love it.

Can we order this stuff at about 25 feet high for the southern border?

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