Wallace Was Obvious In His Agenda And Laying His Traps But Was Simply Outclassed By His Targeted Guest


Chris Wallace tried his best to come up with a comment from Dr. Ben Carson that will garner his program a sound bite played in the upcoming week. As the old adage goes, he should be careful what he wishes for.

Wallace starts off hostile from the beginning, showing his establishment lefty credentials by trying to paint Trump as a hypocritical opportunist. He notes in his question that his recent trip with Carson to Detroit was his first venture into a black inner city, asking, “First, what took him so long and second what do you think his trip accomplished.” Dr. Carson notes that within the history of the Republican Party the outreach that Trump is making is unique and that his offering a choice other than more of the same Democrat failure and being taken for granted should appeal to large numbers of black voters.

Dr. Carson has to explain to Chris Wallace what school choice means, saying, “It is assumed people know that school choice means you get a choice of your school,” noting that the rich enjoy school choice for their children while the inner-city poor a relegated to under-performing substandard schools which do not offer a future to their students.

He notes that the criticism displayed in a clip Wallace plays of Hillary Clinton should actually be directed at her own party and its leaders such as herself as they have been in charge of America’s inner cities as their degradation has taken place. He points out that his own hometown of Detroit, which Trump joined him in visiting this past week, used to be the most prosperous in the nation until the disease of Democrat mismanagement destroyed it and other major cities all across America.

Wallace asks a demeaning, belittling, insulting and nakedly partisan question of Dr. Carson, chastising him for associating himself with the “white devil,” Donald Trump. He said, “Do you worry that you are being used as a prop for black voters and that supporting Donald Trump will end up hurting your credibility in the black community?”

Dr. Carson ignores the insulting nature of the question stating as he has before that this is not about him but rather about saving the United States. He addresses the hypocrisy of the left and the media in comparing the decision of professional amnesty lobbyists as proof that Trump is engaged in hate speech when similar positions taken by Bill Clinton as president were hailed as the actions of a great president.

Wallace found time for one question that wasn’t attacking Trump, asking Dr. Carson about the latest revelations of deliberate Clinton lawbreaking. Carson mocks the long series of coincidences and the “just trust me and vote for me” defense of the Clintons, saying at some point people begin to see through the lies.


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