VOTER FRAUD: Texas On The Hunt For MASSIVE Vote Harvesting Operation

Herminia Becerra is a politiquera in Brownsville, Texas. She's worked political campaigns for nearly 60 years in the Rio Grande Valley. Becerra says she's never been indicted for election fraud, has nothing to hide, and supports candidates without compensatio

For over a year, the Attorney General’s office in the state of Texas has been conducting what is believed to be the most massive voter fraud scheme investigation in the history of the state.  The ground game portion of the probe is now moving through Dallas’s sister city, Fort Worth, in search of answers.

The way the scheme supposedly worked was rather devious:

  • Soft-spoken, middle aged sorts of women were recruited to go door to door with previously filled out ballots with fraudulent voter information.
  • Knocking at the residences of the elderly, the poor, and those who do not know English as a first language, etc., the ladies then would ask leading questions that sounded good, or were collecting signatures for a good cause. (Minority harvesters were hired in minority neighborhoods.)
  • The people targeted, then, would sign a mail in ballot that was all filled out for them, and VIOLA! a vote was “harvested.”

In other cases, the harvesters will appear with the citizen’s ballot and ask if they need any help filling it out. As they already have the voter’s historical voting record, they will say something like, “You normally vote all Democrat, right?” — even thought it is usually a democrat primary or non partisan municipal elections which they are “helping” them withand proceed to fill out the ballot as desired by the perpetrators.

According to the Townhall report which largely depends on the word of an anonymous source, the on the ground investigation is only happening in one county in Texas.  However the full scope of the inquiry is supposedly several times larger and involves multiple elections in the last several years, including utility personnel.

At present, only Tarrant County is involved in the investigation. However, the case allegedly includes vote harvesting for all elected offices, from Congressional seats down to constable.

Particularly intriguing is that this includes elected seats for the Tarrant Regional Water District. This reporter filed stories in 2013 and 2014 regarding corruption and eminent domain abuse at the TRWD. In the most recent election cycle, incumbent candidates Jim Lane and Marty Leonard were re-elected in a landslide that so contradicted polls, that some observers insisted that fraud had to be involved.

Hmm….  Where have we heard that before?

It is believed that the money source for this voter harvesting scheme is known to the Attorney General in Texas as well as who is directing the scheme.  Violations of this sort carry a $4,000 fine in Texas and are felonies after being caught twice.

The implications of this investigation, however, are far-reaching. Given the relative ease with which the alleged fraud took place, the possibility that similar operations occur all over the country – including for national elections – only serves to demonstrate the systemic problems that exist in the U.S. voting system. Early voting, mail-in ballots, and absentee ballots create opportunity for widespread fraud, bolstering the case for the a national voting standards, including voter ID verification.

And paper ballots.  Don’t forget those.

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