Words From A Vietnam Survivor To A War Veteran Will Leave You Speechless

Vietnam Survivor

Words From A Vietnam Survivor To A War Veteran Will Leave You Speechless

Sometimes with all that is going on around us it is easy to forget the real reason our Military does what they do. They sacrifice their lives, their family, their mental stability, their everything… for What? We tell ourselves we need them home to protect US, not other countries, not policing the world. We want our military HOME! Then one day you are casually strolling along, and you are reminded just exactly what it is our Military does, why they sacrifice.

Hoai Quan: Robert Well said And necessary to be reminded each and everyone of the GI , went to my country without any doubt : some of you might not coming back At the end :58.000+didn’t made it home They went in with their hope high , with the mission : to help the South Vietnam against the communist North Their courage / bravery / sacrifice /their heart /they gave it all to the poor people of my country They come to save the children , the elderly , the young family , the citizens of South Vietnam Vietnam is not the place for them to relax / vacation /honeymoon Vietnam is the war torn little / tiny country on the world map Vietnam is …not know to most of these young soldiers But their country ask And they listen They join the military , volunteer or draft They , as long with the other allies Save the south Vietnam until the end They never run away from danger They might thinking twice , but they don’t give up

Thank you so much 

You ( and all of your combat friends) saved my life I owe my life to each and everyone Of the serviced men and women ,from all the allies Without you , I wouldn’t be here and alive

Thank you

A woman from Nam


Robert: Thank you for the kind words. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond and want you to know that your words help heal what time has not been able to do.

For a Veteran he torments himself on how many he could not save.

Hoai Quan: Dear Robert I speak from my heart Will be the same , from beginning Always was , always will You can’t imagine how much I appreciate from USA , my family was complete , my circle of life start when I was 27 , up until now , I never had any regret to left Vietnam at ( middle age 27) start living , work , speak the different language , survive , stay away from welfare , Medicare , struggle but alive and strong , live under and within the law , pay taxes , raise my 2 kids the way my parent raised me Robert All of this start with the open arms of my sponsor , the heart of your country I am survived And I am live my life

Thank you , veteran , Vietnam Vet Thank you AMERICA

A woman from Nam

It is clear that this Vietnam survivor is very grateful for what our Military was able to go in and do. That does not mean her words will have the power to change the hearts and minds of many. What it does mean is those of you that understand our men and women serve a purpose will read her words and understand. In a peaceful world we could have our men and women home, but we all know we do not live in a peaceful world, far from it.

As much as we hate to hear of the losses our Military suffers, we know there is a purpose. The next time you hear someone bashing our Military, saying they are in places that they do not belong, remember this ladies words. Remember their purpose is more than just serving “Uncle Sam.”

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