Amazing Video as Spear Fisher BECOMES THE HUNTED, Captures His ATTACK BY SHARK!

Amazing video as spear fisher becomes the hunted and Captures His Own TERRIFYING ATTACK BY SHARK!

reef shark attack

Shark attacks spear fisher

A 19-year-old and experienced spear-fisher, Brad Vale, was hunting mackerel in the waters of Coral Bay near Perth, Australia on June 15, 2016, video-taping his underwater hunt. Suddenly, a terrifying predator turns him into the HUNTED! A Reef shark, not generally considered to be an aggressive species, was not deterred by the teen’s stabbing attempts to thwart off an attack.  The teen was bitten in the leg and stomach, but survived the attack. He says he often sees sharks on his dives but they rarely come close, however this one came to attack. WATCH:


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(Brianne Tolj, Daily Mail Australia, contributed to this story)

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