Vicente Fox – Americans Don’t Deserve Jobs – Lazy Beer Drinking TV Watchers


According to former Mexican Presidente and current POS Vicente Fox, the problem with immigration and jobs in America has nothing to do with our manufacturing being relocated abroad or with foreigners illegally here in our country taking what few jobs are available. There is no relevance to the fact that DOJ isn’t enforcing the laws already on the books which prescribe multiple thousand dollar fines per each violation for hiring illegals.

According to Fox, it’s the victims’ fault. Americans demand a fair wage rather than working for the slave wages created by open borders and unenforced immigration laws. Illegal Mexicans, the proud globalist POS declares, work in the fields for peanuts, an admission that they drive wages down. He says Americans should do likewise. The lazy, beer drinking Americans should be willing to work for his globalist comrades for slave wages, rather than simply ejecting the border crashers and punishing employers to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Washington Examiner reports that Fox spent thirty minutes with his anti-American comrade, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this week in Mexico. They were plotting a united front against the America first movement and its leader, Donald Trump. How dare they refuse to surrender American sovereignty?

He calls Trump supporters fearful and lazy, mockingly describing Trump as “Almighty Trump,” who has declared in response to Americans not having jobs that he’s going to take jobs away from Mexicans.” Those won’t be Americans coming into Mexico to take those jobs, that would be a crime. They won’t have to; the jobs in question are being stolen by Mexicans, here in America.

Fox mockingly says “Those stupid, those violent Mexicans don’t deserve to work and to build an economy.” In using the typical tactics of the left, he is partially correct. Those Mexicans, be they stupid, violent or otherwise, don’t deserve to work here. They deserve to be deported, just as Mexico does with illegal aliens in their country. And they’re not building an economy; they’re helping to destroy one, as are the Mexican and Chinese governments he mentioned.

POS Fox describes Trump’s plan to return jobs to the Americans as “stupid for both of them,” saying “those lost jobs will never come back.” If that’s the case, shouldn’t we put a stop to it now before they’re all gone to never come back?

Fox acknowledges the stealing of American jobs by his countrymen, saying proudly, “Mexicans come to the United Estates [actually not a mobile home park], they don’t even know how to read or write many times. But they come along, they work hard, they go out in the harvesting field, they are hunger to progress, they are hunger to have a job, to make more money. This is what you don’t see in Trump’s followers.”

Fox is declaring that the illegals’ hunger and willingness to accept substandard, exploitative wages and working conditions makes them justified in violating our borders, sovereignty and laws. Again, it’s something the Mexican government would not tolerate for an instant on their soil, but the anti-Gringo double standard makes that part of the discussion irrelevant.

The fact that Trump followers are law abiding citizens who aren’t invading other countries and violating their laws earns them Fox’s scorn as being lazy, but he has the solution. He says, “We need to wake up that citizen. We need to take him away from the TV and drinking beer to working hard and building the skills and getting knowledge and they will come along like everybody else [the illegal squatting trash] does.”

How about global government collective farm where nobody has a choice but to do as they’re told or face harsh punishment, perhaps torture and death? Would that meet your standards, Presidente POS?

What the Mexican subversive deliberately fails to mention is the fact that Americans of all education and skill levels are feeling the effects of illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration. He also fails to acknowledge that it is not his place to come into our country and tell us how to “come along” with his dirty stinking illegal alien invaders.

He can take his mouth full of Mexican marbles, mountain oysters or whatever is preventing  him from speaking clearly, perhaps he’s drunk himself, and get the hell out of our country “muy pronto.” Take the twelve million uninvited intruders with him, back to the ghetto country of his. He and the invading horde are so proud of their native Mexico, a crap hole nation whose chief export is its population; people so desperate to escape they are willing to risk their lives to get out of it. Theirs is a criminal nation from top to bottom and it seems that the corrupt officials on both sides of the border are getting nervous.

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