Venomous Snake Invasion Closes Beach

Snakes on a beach! Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?


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Officials in Quilmes, a town south of Buenos Aires on Argentina’s coast, were forced to shut down beaches when massive flooding brought unexpected guests calling.

The guests weren’t displaced tourists, they were poisonous snakes. LOTS of poisonous snakes.

It seems that floodwaters from the Rio Plata and Rio Parana swept south to the beaches. The water rose so high it completely covered the beach and even made its way onto some seaside bars.

Carried in the water was a particular type of water lily. Piggy-backing on the vegetation were all kinds of creatures. Most notably, a great many venomous serpents.

Town official Matias Leyes stated “The beaches of Quilmes have been closed as a precaution. We were cleaning up the coast during the week and while doing so we saw the snakes under the water lilies.”

Understandably, the snake infestation put a slight damper on the tourists vacationing there. Snakes weren’t the only dangerous animal found, though. According to AFP:

Locals there spotted displaced animals such as otters, a wild boar and a fox cub as well as snakes, scorpions and stinging insects.

As a safety measure, inland river beaches were also shut down. Gonzalo Ratner, a top civil defense official explained “It is dangerous because when there is not much beach there is more risk of coming into direct contact with rodents or snakes, whose dens are all flooded.”

El Nino is being blamed by experts as the cause of the severe flooding. In the last few weeks Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay have all suffered the effects of this weather phenomenon.

Whatever the reason the snakes are there, you may want to cancel any travel plans you have to the area. Otherwise, the bartender’s expression “pick your poison” will take on a whole new meaning.

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source: MSN