Venezuela At The Tipping Point, Communism Strikes Again

The situation in Venezuela is getting desperate.  The food shortage due to a variety of government imposed problems there is so severe that the opposition party to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is organizing street protests to demonstrate the people’s needs.  Simply, they need food, and the government is not getting it out fast enough.

Under the state of emergency imposed by President Nicolas Maduro, the military, along with government-organized civilian committees, ensures that food packets are delivered door-to-door in order to — as officials say — cut out black market operators.

Black market operations or not, the people of Venezuela are lining up for food outside of bakeries and grocers that simply does not exist.  According to Maduro, this is all being caused by an economic war with the ‘imperialist” United States (huh?).  The people there aren’t buying it anymore and simply want food on their tables.

“This decree isn’t solving anything,” Teran told AFP, showing a video … she posted on Twitter.

“What the people want is food. There hasn’t been looting, but we are closing the streets to protest,” she said.

One watchdog group does say that there has been looting, although limited compared to the scope of the food shortage.  However, the reality is that food is being confiscated from the system by the government for them to distribute separately.  (Where have we seen that before?  Hint: Ireland before the famine.) As a result, the Venezuelan people are now beginning to blame the government for the mess.  At this point, 70% of the population wants Maduro replaced despite his election.   With a shrinking economy and uncontrolled inflation that feeds economic hardship, Venezuela is learning the hard way that top-down government control does not work well at all.  Despite owning the world’s largest proven oil reserves, communism/socialism has brought the people nothing but starvation.

Venezuelans don’t particularly want the opposition party in charge, though.  It does not seem to matter who is in charge, the profits from oil just feed the need to be at the top of the food chain.

Lopez is among them, but she doesn’t want to see current opposition figures take over, remembering some of them as greedy and arrogant when they held the reins before Chavez’s rule.

“It’s best that others step in to govern — but not those squalid bastards, not them either,” she said.

Which leaves the people of Venezuela between a rock and a hard place.  Communism has brought the people to their knees.  The lesson should be clear.

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