Varney Destroys Obama’s Arrogant Comrade, Obamacare Architect Emanuel


Stuart Varney had Zeke Emanuel, brother of Obama’s former chief of staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, as his guest. Mr. Emanuel is known as being the chief architect of Obamacare, but the product is not the type of thing that indicates it benefited from any professional design work. Perhaps chief demolitionist of the perfectly good system that was in place before healthcare fell victim to Obama’s fundamental transformation would be more accurate.

Mr. Varney is normally a civil and respectful guy, even when his guests don’t necessarily deserve it. The smug, arrogance of Emanuel combined with his offenses against the America that Stuart Varney loves were apparently too much in this instance, prompting a departure from his typical good nature.

It’s at times difficult to make out everything that is being said as both men, the good guy and the bad guy, are often talking at the same time. Varney points out that Obamacare is “spiraling down, out of control” and that the regime is attempting to divert attention away through “some desperate last minute measures.”

As Emanuel attempts to declare that what is happening is a normal “youth,” Varney points out that his guest’s brother is the mayor of Chicago and asks, “Is he paying 55% more on his health care premiums, because the people of Illinois are.” He asks, “How about Tennessee, up 60% come November the first.”

Varney says, “I’ve noticed, Zeke, you’ve lost your smile. Are you now going to apologize for what you’ve done?” Emanuel, being the Democrat elitist that he is, turns it back on Varney, saying, “No, I’m frustrated that you have me on the show and you don’t let me talk, you know, you want to just go off.”

Mr. Varney, smiles and says, “I’m representing our viewers who are mad as Hell about what’s happened to their healthcare system because of the system designed by you. You’re not going to apologize?

Emanuel replies, “No, it’s a better system than the one we had before. Your memory is just so poor about how the system was before.” As Varney informs him that if he isn’t willing to apologize they’re done, Emanuel gets in the last work, saying, “There’s no way, I’m not apologizing. The Affordable Care Act is a big improvement over what we had before. There’s no doubt about it.

Varney leaves it at that, having made his point and shredded the arrogant little elitist snot into confetti in the process.

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