Is The US Cyber Command Deceiving Americans?

US Cyber Command

Is The US Cyber Command Deceiving Americans?

There are some inconsistencies with the claims and actions of the anti-Americans at DHS and within the White House as they relate to the hack of DNC and other databases. The government syndicate claims that Russia is behind it, but a Romanian hacker who goes by the name of Guccifer 2.0 had the documents available for download long before he contacted WikiLeaks for help with distributing them. Romania is not part of Russia.

Secondly, the amount of damage that was done as a result of those hacks is relatively minor. It’s not so much a national security issue, at least not that is evident to this point, and not nearly so damaging as the four years of perpetual nonstop security breaches which were standard operating procedure at the Clinton State Department and since in the John Kerry cover up.


The hacks that they claim are of such great significance are merely those that are damaging to the political prospects of Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, the embodiment of national security recklessness. Johnson and his globalist Gestapo want to hijack the election for political reasons and they’re taking advantage of the hacks to feed their narrative that, for the sake of the security of the election, they must seize control. Of course they are the last persons on earth who should be anywhere close to our election apparatus.

They are exaggerating the threat to either set the stage for a false flag event, to diminish the ability of the Trump campaign to claim the elections were rigged by claiming Democrats were attacked first by the Russians, or to create their own situation in which they are the ones who tamper with and rig the system but then blame their Russian scapegoats. All three possibilities are consistent with the narrative out of the Clinton campaign and the DNC that the Russians are conspiring with the Trump campaign to steal the election, something there is absolutely no evidence of.

In an October 12th article in the Washington Examiner, the move to the big steal took another step. The message was that the threat to our election is significant, real and imminent. It stated, “Concerns about Russian hacking into the November 8 election have now reached the Pentagon where the military’s top cyber official has outlined a plan to help the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to track an election altering attack.” They would then go on to detail the “reasonable sounding” circumstances under which they are plotting to steal the election.

That is the same Homeland “Security” that has completely dismantled our border, allows virtually anyone with a pulse to claim asylum and has terrorists they label as refugees pouring into our nation at this very moment. They and DHS Secretary Johnson have no security function other than to threaten and degrade it.

Adm. Michael S. Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command is helping Johnson pave the way for a takeover. He outlined the manner in which control would be seized over our election system by the crooks currently in power, to create the illusion of a legitimate response to the threat they are currently concocting and placing into our collective psyche, “it’s those evil Russians who want Trump.”

Rogers said, “If a probe were required to determine if the election was hacked,” the default organized crime operation of DHS would “take the lead.” He elaborated, “Were there concerns that they thought there were an issue that would call into question the result, [states] potentially would approach the federal government.” Such an event would be a Donald Trump victory.

He continued outlining their little scheme, saying, “The Department of Homeland ‘Security’ would likely have overall responsibility, they likely would turn to the FBI, us, and maybe one or two others, to say, ‘Can we put together a team and harness the breadth of this knowledge and insight and capability that you have to come back with an assessment: Do we think the result is valid? Do we think it was manipulated in any way? So that’s how I think it would play out.”

Of course the facts would have no bearing on any of those questions or responses beyond how they can be manipulated to the political advantage of Hillary Clinton and how it can be done without being any more obvious than necessary.

It’s laughable that DHS, and the FBI that are obstructing the Clinton prosecution and “maybe one or two others” is supposed to be a team that we trust to be unbiased and offer a fair investigation and a fair result. If these criminal organizations are involved in anything resembling electoral process insertion of themselves there is no doubt but what it is being done to steal the election. These hyenas don’t change their spots.

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