URGENT! Sheriff Joe Arpaio Fights For His Freedom! He Needs All The Patriots Support NOW!

Several dozen protesters took to the streets of downtown Phoenix on Monday to demand the arrest of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (Photo by Brian Fore/Cronkite News)

The worlds toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Phoenix, AZ is in a challenging position two weeks before the re-election.  The U.S Department of Justice has been stalking and interrogating him for 3 years now.  They insist he was intentionally racial profiling Latino’s in traffic stops. Arpaio has acknowledged violating the terms of the order but argues that his disobedience was unintentional. Prosecutors say they will seek a jail term of up to six months for the sheriff.

The 84 year old Maricopa County Sheriff is beloved by the citizens and conservatives who say Arpaio and his force have  protected them from drug dealers and dangerous criminals that illegally cross the Mexican border into our country everyday. The sheriff has been elected and served a total of 6 terms and he’s up for a 7th.

Presently, things don’t look good for Arpaio.  On Tuesday, he was officially charged with criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring a judge’s order in a 3 year old racial-profiling case by Latinos and the Obama’s  Justice Dept.

Last week, the Sheriff ran a T V add stressing a point:

 “Obama’s Justice Dept. planned to prosecute him because of its opposition to his immigration enforcement efforts.

Arpaios lawyer, Mel McDonald said the sheriff will plead not guilty.  “We believe that when the final chapter is written, he will be vindicated.”

Here’s the real kicker, the liberal judge ordered the  courts to award the Latinos money as compensation to those who were pulled over and “illegaly detained” by Arpaio who “ignored” the order.  Infact, they set aside $1 million of  TAX PAYER dollars to their compensation fund.  It seems this judge is persecuting the citizens along with the good Sheriff.

The citizens stand with Sheriff Joe and his strict adherence to law and order.  He’s being crucified by a liberal court system and Obama’s “Dept. of Justice” and they’re UNJUST!

A Dec. 6 trial has been scheduled in Arpaio’s criminal contempt case. Keep him in your prayers.



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