UNBELIEVABLE School Art Project Goes Viral-Look Close!

Jacob with art project

UNBELIEVABLE School Art Project Goes Viral-Look Close!

What started out as an attempt to impress an art teacher is quickly impressing a nation.
High school senior Jacob Feazel spent 56 hours over 11 days completing a piece for his art class. In took less than 2 days for pictures of the project to go viral.
The sculpture measures 4 ft. x 6 ft. and depicts the American flag. So what is the big deal?
Jacob with art project

Jacob Feazel with art project


Look close!
The entire piece is made up of plastic Army men. 4,466 Army men to be exact.
Jacob spray painted the individual figures before meticulously positioning and attaching each one.
Temperatures in the part of Indiana where he lives were in the single digits while he was working on his project in the family garage. That didn’t stop this young man.
In a press release, Jacob explained “I did it to honor those who fight so I can make art.”
Feazel has already been interviewed by local news outlets as a result of his success. He is not letting the attention go to his head, though.
His favorite quote is  “Work hard in silence, and let your success be your noise.” That personal motto is one he used while creating his piece. The whole thing was kept secret until it was finished and headed for school.
This unbelievable work began receiving offers for purchase almost immediately. Thus far, Jacob is not willing to sell.
4,466 army men on flag

4,466 army men on flag

The school principal, Chad Carlson, expressed his pride in the senior.  “I saw a picture of the project first and then had to go see it in person. The precision of the work is outstanding.”
Jacob’s mother Stacey was amazed by the response to her Facebook post. “I’m overwhelmed with joy that people are enjoying it as much as we are,” she stated.
When asked about the buzz his art was creating, Jacob said “I just can’t explain it. It’s awesome that it means so much (to others), and I’m getting so much support for doing this.”
Personally, I am incredibly glad that there are young people like Jacob Feazel out there. It’s much nicer to see someone respectfully create a flag than ignorantly burn one.
God Bless the USA and Jacob for honoring it!
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source: Kokomo Tribune