UN Preparing US For Black Reparations, Racist Santa Claus Obamas’ Next Job


We would all like to think that when Obama’s illegal occupation of the White House ends in January we’ll be free of him. The only way that will happen is if he and his comrades are in prison. As he stated himself in remarks a couple of weeks ago while addressing the racist Congressional Black Caucus, Obama is just getting started. He plans to be a hemorrhoid on America’s backsides for a long time. He promised “He’s just getting started.”

As a globalist and America-hater, Obama has always perceived the legitimate power as residing not as is laid out in the Constitution but with the United Nations and a dictatorial “president” that implements global interests and ignores our tradition, our structure, everything about the United States as being archaic and no longer applicable. The way he ignores our immigration laws and sidesteps Congress in favor of UN approval on the Iran giveaway and the climate extortion agreements are obvious examples. He sought out and received the blessing of the UN and declared that to be sufficient. The gutless Congress, bought off or simply cowardly, has done nothing to rein in this rogue authoritarian.

Having already undercut what were normalized and improving race relations in America by fomenting uprisings and chaos in association with George Soros and his front organizations like Black Lives Matter, Obama is taking that dissent and building on it. He’s doing so once again through the UN, an organization which he is likely to hold a high position in after we are rid of him, even if it has to be created for him. After all, they’re all phony positions when you get right down to it.

black reparations

The foundation is being laid for demands of wealth redistribution, in line with the Marxist model the fascist globalist overlords are using to impose world government, for reparations to black people from the US Treasury. A raiding of the treasury by the globalists in the creation of their world government. Even that egregious act will be a stepping stone on the way to similar climate reparations to the world that are already part of the COP21 UN Climate Hoax Agreement and the Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030 agreements, both signed last year. Our treasury is pledged to developing nations to compensate them for our “sins” of prosperity.

Now comes word that a UN-affiliated group in Geneva has issued a report which calls for the US to hand money over to black Americans as reparations for slavery. The group of intrusive international busy-bodies is the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent. They report to the same piece of trash globalist, a prince in the loosest definition of the word, from Jordan. He’s a Muslim, a member of a group that considers women to be lesser than men and persecutes homosexuals and those of different religions, who practice genital mutilation, honor killings and other atrocities as part of their daily existence, sitting in judgment of good, civilized and decent Americans. His name is Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a “humanitarian Islamic terrorist,” who just last week threatened those who don’t accept his dictates and roll over to the Islamic invasion in a speech during the UN General Assembly. He labeled those who value the sovereignty of their nations as “xenophobes and bigots” who would identified, shamed and judged by his people.

The group of so-called experts is made up of “leading” human rights lawyers from around the world. They presented their propaganda as a link between the U.S.’s history of slavery and present injustices, such as the recent police shootings of African Americans to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday. This is not the first action in this regard, they sent a special envoy to tour America with Soros’ Black Lives Matter agitators for seventeen days, making him an expert on the “racist US.” It wasn’t that tough, he already had his opinion before he got here. The most recent report is just part of the mosaic of attacking positions that will be used at a future time.

They wrote, “In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent.” It added, “Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.”

This sounds like some people who need a visit to Saudi Arabia or Sudan for an injection of some balance into their judgment. They went on to say that the shootings of police during the past year, which they choose to ignore are at levels lower than those of white criminals, have caused a “human rights crisis” that needs to be urgently addressed. They compared the shootings of criminals, most of which were armed and many who were threatening police officers to the lynchings by white supremacists in the late 1800s. A law degree obviously doesn’t come packaged with honesty, integrity, discernment or intellect.

They recommended possible reparations such as “a formal apology, health initiatives, educational opportunities, … psychological rehabilitation, technology transfer and financial support, and debt cancellation.”

In a side note that indicates that lack of objectivity of the group, one panel member, Ricardo Sunga, presumably on the side of border crashing invaders, given his Hispanic name and therefore anti-Trump, was asked about the presidential election. He responded with the typical leftist remarks about “hate speech … xenophobia (and) Afrophobia” prevalent in the race, but did not call out any candidates by name. He’s willing to throw the darts and insults but too much of a coward to specifically identify Mr. Trump.

We’ll see where this nonsense goes, but clearly it is being done for a purpose. A foundation is being laid and we will never be free of the Saul Alinsky radical Obama until he is imprisoned for his treason. That will be a very result of a Trump victory, along with a similar fate for his opponent.

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