UN Adds Climate Surcharge To Air Fares ~ WHY Should Concern You!

UN Adds Climate Surcharge To Air Fares ~ WHY Should Concern You!

Are you looking for another reason for the United States to exit from the United Nations? How about arbitrarily and without a shred of legitimacy increasing the cost of an airline ticket in order to fund their world government operations?

On Thursday the UN aviation tentacle approved a restriction on international air travel under the supposed license of saving the planet from jet exhaust, more climate hoax monetization. It is the first time an individual industry has been attacked by the fledgling world government with more surely to follow rapidly once the precedent is established and becomes accepted.


At a meeting in Montreal, the international busy-bodies set individual airlines’ upper limits of acceptable emissions at their 2020 levels. Anything beyond that level in the future will require the payment of a carbon atonement. That “carbon credit” is a tax to the UN that will supposedly be used to purchase the invisible phantom credits created by planting trees or operating an industry that doesn’t pollute. It’s a shell game to get money out of the pockets of the “global citizens,” in this instance international airline travelers, and into the UN coffers and those of their associated crony-operated green industries.

As with the rest of the self-destructive UN climate hoax mandates, they presently have no force of law by which to insert their feeding tubes into their victims and are reliant upon mandated suicide by the green alarmists within each particular nation. Cooperation is coerced through a variety of methods, including the promise of America’s wealth being handed out like Halloween Candy by the Great Jack-o-Lantern, Pumpkin Head Obama.

In the US, they and their globalist shill squatting in our dingy-White House are claiming that he single-handedly ratified the climate hoax agreement dictator-style during his G-20 trip to China. As with everything else that comes out of Obama’s mouth, it’s a lie. Until the Senate approves our participation by a two-thirds margin as is required by the Constitution, Obama’s claims are as invalid as his birth certificate or his recycled Social Security number.

Globalist profiteer and Clinton cover man, Secretary of State John Kerry, applauded the insertion of the UN siphon hose into the pockets of the world’s traveling public, saying, “It is another significant step in the global movement to take ambitious action to address climate change exemplified by yesterday’s action to cross the threshold for the Paris Agreement to enter into force.” The threshold was not met and he knows it, the reason he repeats the claim every chance he gets. As for ambitious acts, it’s the financial ambitions of the global pirates that are being served.

 Following the model of the federal income tax, or Obamacare, the levels of intrusion are minimized in the beginning to reduce the resistance and provide a period to establish acceptance and precedent. With the airline agreement the first stage is voluntary in the years 2021 through 2027. It becomes mandatory from 2028 through 2035.

Once again the Russians seem to be the most responsive government on earth, with their leaders currently planning not to participate in the self-destructive nonsense, at least in the “voluntary” phase. India has also expressed reservations but that may simply be an effort to elicit more baubles from the worst “negotiator” in history, Hussein Obama.

The UN is touting the deal’s acceptance by the airline industry as some form of validation of its legitimacy. Of course it is nothing of the sort. It is a recognition by the airlines that they are under attack, that some form of financial regulation is inevitable and their understanding that it is a fee that will be attached to the cost of the fare and simply passed on to the defenseless, voiceless traveling public.

The enslavement of the world’s population in the name of the green climate monster continues.

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