Two Of The Dumbest Reasons To Vote For Hillary Clinton


Who would vote someone into the office of president with no consideration of that person’s qualifications or ability? Hillary Clinton voters, that who. Hussein Obama had never done anything in his life other than rabble rouse for communism. Yet “the historic moment” of voting for the first black president was all it took to condemn this nation to eight years of destruction as America was eaten away from the inside.

Now Americans have the opportunity to prove they learned absolutely nothing from their mistakes of 2008 and 2012. They have the chance to repeat that same uneducated, reckless abuse of the system, to thoughtlessly cast their votes for another destructive Marxist. This time it’s his hand-picked successor and partner in crime, Hillary Clinton.

The first of the two examples that follow is a young woman, Rachel Gonzalez, who is seventeen-years-old and proud that she is the youngest Hillary Clinton delegate at the convention. She would do well to take advice from her elders, but not the empty-headed zombies that surround her. Holding her position as a tear rolls down her face for the video camera, she listens as crusty old Hillary Clinton drones on about having to pick herself up and get back into the game from onstage.

This naïve young girl recalls her most emotional moment came when the Butcher of Baghdad said, “I accept your nomination.” She’s not old enough to vote today as her 18th birthday will come in October. She’ll be casting her first vote in favor of the anti-American profiteer.

Gonzalez calls it a “trail blazer moment” for her as it tells her that she can be anything she wants when she grows up. That line of thinking is predicated upon the United States still being a functioning republic and world leader when Gonzalez comes of age. The likelihood of that being the case is diminished greatly if Clinton becomes president. Gonzalez may have to settle for being the best potato picker in the collective farm, a moral victory at best, as Clinton will mandate she receive the same wage as the worst picker. She might even get the current 30 percent less than her male counterparts that Clinton pays her Clinton Foundation staff.

At some point Gonzalez’ parents should have taught her to look beyond the shallow need for periodic gynecological exams or patronizing platitudes when deciding which candidate is best qualified to be president. Gender is no more valid of a “qualification” than the blackness was with the current impostor.

If Gonzalez wants to shed a tear, there are unfortunately plenty of parents who have lost their children to criminal illegal aliens, the family members of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi victims or perhaps those unknowns whose covers were blown and they were killed or imprisoned as the result of her sloppy handling of our most secret documents. In those instances a tear and photo would have a lot more substance and meaning to it than the phony charade that does not exist and is not real – Hillary Clinton.

Equally idiotic were the comments of Cristobal Villegas, a former Sanders supporter who is now going to vote for the woman who rigged the election against his candidate. He expects to be betrayed by her, and uses that expected betrayal as the basis for voting for her. Nobody ever said those supporting the Vermont communist were necessarily very bright. He claims to want to have a legitimate argument for calling her out when she violates her promises and his trust. If he’d only inform himself now, he’s already got more trust violations than he’s got time to research.

He says he wants to be sure he’s there, after the November elections, “to hold her accountable for the things she said tonight.” He could just vote for someone that isn’t going to betray him and who has likewise been misrepresented by the corrupt Democrats, Donald Trump. Once again, these shallow thinkers need only to do a little research. The proof is everywhere.

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