Truth Is Out! Hillary NOT First Woman To Run For President

Hillary NOT First Woman To Run For President

Soooo… you know how every major media source is harping on the fact that Hillary Clinton is making history by being the first woman to run for president? It turns out they are wrong. Shocking, I know.

It has become the Democrats’ mantra that Hillary is breaking the glass ceiling and blazing new trails for women. Her “historic” campaign is being touted as a huge step forward for females. The problem with those claims is that they are 144 years too late.

Victoria Woodhull- first woman Presidential candidate

Victoria Woodhull- first woman Presidential candidate

In 1872, there was a woman who ran for President of the United States. Nominated by the Equal Rights Party, she was the ACTUAL first female candidate. Her name was Victoria Woodhull.

Woodhull holds another female first title. She was the first woman to run a brokerage firm on Wall Street. Victoria was also the leader of the women’s suffrage movement in America. (Some, sadly, won’t know what that is. It was the movement trying to obtain women the right to vote.) Additionally, she was also one of the first females in America to found a newspaper.

Victoria was nominated on May 10, 1872, at Apollo Hall, New York City. The nomination was officially ratified at the convention on June 6, 1872. Woodhull was a genuine candidate. There is even a historical marker in Ohio for her. And, giving her candidacy even more historical clout, her Vice Presidential pick was a black man whose name you should recognize. She chose Frederick Douglass.

Sorry, Hillary the woman has you beat on the “history making” scale. Hands down!

Unfortunately for Victoria Woodhull, society was not as ready for her to be in the White House as she was. Opponents of her candidacy conspired to have her arrested 2 days before the election. She had printed an article in her newspaper that argued against the sexual double standard for women. She cited a publicly-known affair by prominent figure Reverend Henry Ward Beecher. The content of the story got her charged with  “publishing an obscene newspaper.” She was held for a month.

Ohio historic marker for Woodhull

Ohio historic marker for Woodhull

I am not offering an opinion on Victoria Woodhull, herself. I am simply pointing out that, despite what is being passed around as truth, Hillary Clinton is not making history. At least, she is not doing so as the first female Presidential candidate.

Admittedly, she did make history as the first person to run while under investigation by the FBI. Hillary is also the first candidate to be termed by a government official as “extremely careless” with classified information. No previous candidate can take those titles away from her.

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