FINALLY, The Truth About Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch’s Time Alone!

Bill Clinton

FINALLY, The Truth About Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch’s Time Alone!


Dick Morris describes the meeting that Bill Clinton initiated with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix airport tarmac as a surprise and unsolicited. Using the new book “Guilty as Sin” as a source for much of the information, Morris describes the situation in which Clinton decided to engage lynch.

He says they were already taxiing out towards the runway when Clinton ordered his pilot not to take off, to stay on the ground. He says they “skidded to a stop, turned around and went back.” He then told his own Secret Service agent to contact the Lynch security personnel, telling him to say “The president wanted a word with her, not the ex-president, not president Clinton, The President.”

“When Lynch’s plane landed, says Morris, “Bill walked across the tarmac to get on Lynch’s plane. Morris describes a phone conversation that Clinton had with an unnamed “long-time associate of his.” Morris, a former Clinton insider himself believes that individual was Bruce Lindsey. Lindsey is the chairman of the board of the Clinton Foundation.

Morris quotes Clinton as asking, “Is there a downside to my meeting with Lynch, I want to scare her and I want to intimidate her in this investigation.” His adviser said there was no downside for Clinton but there was a huge downside for Lynch. Clinton said he didn’t care about that and hung up the phone, walked across the tarmac and boarded her plane.” 

Morris describes Lynch as being obviously nervous and thrown, that there were beads of sweat on her upper lip and that her husband was rubbing her back in an effort to calm her down.He says Clinton just “talked about the weather and all kinds of stuff, nothing relevant to the investigation. But the point was well made.” He points out that Bill Clinton who appointed Loretta Lynch, from absolutely nothing to become US Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, the second most prestigious US Attorney appointment in the country.

There is also the matter of the appointment as Attorney General in a future Clinton administration which was offered as a reward for Lynch being a good girl and playing Billy Ball the Clinton way.

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