Trump’s Hollywood Star Guarded By The Homeless

In yet another twist that’s proving 2016 is the most bizarre election season ever, news comes from Tinsel Town that Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard is being guarded by a woman.  Not just any woman, but a black, homeless woman.


Wow.  Just wow.  At a time when so many of us are afraid to advertise our allegiance to the Trump Train for fear of personal property damage, this woman spells out one of the most compelling reasons to vote against Hillary.  The policies of the past five decades HAVE caused an explosion of people living on the streets.  The base reasons why millions of Americans are homeless vary, but the reality is that even the homeless have it worse than they used to thanks to competition from illegals.

What is most distressing about this woman’s attempt to guard Trump’s star from further vandalism, is that the liberals who walk the streets out on the left coast decided to attack her for exercising her freedom of speech.

Liberals can’t even let a down and out homeless person have their own opinion either!? What bullies! This homeless black woman took takes up guard for Trump’s hollywood star that got destroyed by a CRAZY liberal the other day, and now liberals are all up in her grill trying to tell her why she’s wrong to do so.

How dare they right? After they are done shouting at her about how wrong she is…they get to go home to warmth and food. While she remains in the streets…they need back off! She has a right to believe what she wants to.

What the libs REALLY didn’t take well to…was her signs, she was very real about how she felt about Obama and his treatment of black people specifically and Americans in general!

And what did her signs say?  Twitter user PeterDuke MAGA 3x has photos. Some of the text is too small on the signs to be clearly made out.


Doesn’t matter.  In the year of the anti-establishment, no new world order movement, even the homeless are getting into the act.

This woman needs help on a number of levels.  Maybe patriotic Americans will be moved to do something about her plight and those of the people like her who fend for themselves on the streets.


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