Trump – We Will Stop Apologizing And Start Celebrating America


Standing for the national anthem and other means of displaying respect for our nation and its symbols is under attack by racists, Marxists, fascists and other parasitic social bottom-feeders. They are more than willing to accept the benefits America has to offer with one hand while raising the middle finger to us all with the other.

Donald Trump addressed that hypocrisy and disrespectful type of assault upon our nation and the moral degradation that accompanies it in a Thursday address to the American Legion. Trump said he “wanted to begin by discussing one goal that I know is so important to you, promoting American pride and patriotism in America’s schools, very important.”

He declared his intention to work directly with the American Legion in his administration “to uphold our common values, and to help ensure they are taught to America’s children.”

Mr. Trump said, “We want our kids to learn the incredible achievement of America’s history, it’s institutions and its heroes, many of whom are with us today.” He then acknowledges both Rudy Giuliani and Senator Jeff Sessions who are with him as being among that number.

Trump said, “We will stop apologizing for America and we will start celebrating America. We will be united by our common culture, values and principles, becoming one American nation. One country, under one Constitution, saluting one American flag and always saluting it.”

“The flag all of you helped to protect and preserve,” said Mr. Trump, “that flag deserves respect. And I will work with the American Legion to help strengthen respect for our flag. You see what’s happening; it’s very, very sad.”

Trump added, “And by the way, we want young Americans to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”

It’s probably a safe assumption to make that reviled anti-police and anti-American malcontent Colin Kaepernick won’t be invited to the White House under a Trump administration. Once again Mr. Trump takes an excellent first step towards eliminating the stain left on our nation by the radicalized anti-American Obama White House.

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