Trump Tells Fox And Friends Obama “Doesn’t Have A Clue” – Full Interview

Trump gets it. The aftermath of the Orlando gay nightclub massacre carried out by a follower of Islam who has reportedly been a hard core religious fanatic for years – and was known to the FBI – has brought the same tired mantras from the Barack Obama Administration and the political left.  The cries for more gun control and less homophobia were immediate and almost identical in nature.

Given the reality that the shooter in Orlando was who he was, and as details have begun to surface that this man was a borderline sociopath having harassed a gay co-worker, having a failed marriage to a woman who he abused because she didn’t have the laundry folded, and, it is starting to come out, was a 9-11 enthusiast from the Islamic side, it should not take knocking sense into politicians with a 2 x 4 to get them to understand what the real problem here is.

One person on the political scene does get it, though, and is willing to actually say the words “Islamic Terrorism” out loud.  That person, of course, is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and this is the conversation he had on Fox and Friends with Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade:

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“That man yesterday was sick with hate.”

“We have to start looking at the mosques.”

“Hillary is not the right person to lead us.”

The full interview, given how quickly Trump pounced on the idea of ISIS radio, and the reality that he questioned how we could even allow it (in war, first thing you do is knock out the opposition’s communications), should lay to rest some of the claims that the man doesn’t understand the dynamics of foreign policy.  The progression of the conversation also demonstrates that political correctness has outlived its usefulness.  So has historical ignorance.  The truth that Islamic terrorism is a Holy War that has been brought to the kafir needs to be pounded home.  Lying down and letting Islam take over Europe led to the Crusades.  That’s just a reality.  So is the truth that the people doing the hating in Islamic terrorism are not the victims.

Trump also said that either Obama doesn’t get it, or he has another agenda.  Which the answer is, will be interesting to find out.  In the meantime, hold on, fellow Americans, we are in for a bumpy ride.

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