Trump Supporters Target Mainstream Media For Some Well Deserved Abuse

Trump Supporters

Trump Supporters Target Mainstream Media For Some Well Deserved Abuse

Trump Supporters at a Trump rally in Cincinnati, OH, the patriots who showed up to hear Mr. Trump speak and to show their support also had a message for the corrupt Hillary Clinton propagandists who laughably call themselves journalists, the mainstream media.

The lying liberal implements of deception were greeted by approximately 20,000 Americans who are fed up with their lies and their naked attempts to silence their voices and manipulate the outcome of the election. The media has demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that they work for the globalists backing Clinton, that’s who they want to see elected, that is who they are being paid to promote and they will do virtually anything to make it happen. Ethics and journalistic integrity are of no concern to any of them.

The rally was held last Thursday but they certainly don’t seem to have learned anything, their reporting is still as corrupt and anti-American as ever. As the political street walkers entered the arena, a loud chorus of spontaneous boos erupted throughout the entire building. The attendees were chanting “tell the truth,” and “CNN sucks,” which was recorded by InfoWars reporter, Millie Weaver.

She asks a couple of the media people, who appear to be making a hasty exit in the face of an angry public, “How does it feel to have been called out by thousands of Americans for being lying and corrupt?” Neither answered as both seemed much more concerned with their personal security than with offering their input. Weaver commented on that aspect as well, saying, “You could see the fear on some of these guys’ faces in the media, in the mainstream media.

America is fighting back, we’ve had enough. The criminal syndicate that has hijacked our nation doesn’t play by the same rules we do. It’s time we take our own handcuffs off and let them know that we’ve done so. Demanding that these charlatans actually conduct themselves as journalists and report both sides of the issues is a start.

Public disdain for their corruption and lack of character is something that now comes with their territory, something that can’t be good for advertising revenue. Just where will Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper go to work when CNN and MSNBC are no more? No matter where they go, nobody is going to watch them. That is how we win in the long term. In the short term, the people of Cincinnati seem to have it figured out.

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