Trump Supporter Banned From CO Delegate Convention Because He Wouldn’t Convert To Cruz

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It’s not surprising that the snake oil salesman Lyin’ Ted Cruz was able to sweep all of the Colorado delegates. It’s easy to do when you make sure that nobody who supports your opposition is allowed into the building or given the credentials that would allow them to vote.

Donald Trump calls him Lyin’ Ted, but he’s so much more than that. The Canadian trying to be the second coming of Hussein Obama is much more than just a liar. He’s a crook, a scheming election thief and a puppet of the establishment, New World Order globalists.

For Larry Lindsey things just became much more personal. As he’s making his video he’s driving home, disallowed from being a delegate to the Colorado Republican convention because he supports Donald Trump for president. He was warned by the Republican leadership that if he didn’t support Canadian Ted Cruz he’d be blacklisted.

He couldn’t bring himself to believe the party he’s been a part of all his life could actually be so corrupt. He thought they must be bluffing. He knows now, as do we all, that the Republicans are serious about stifling the will of the American people. They are intent on silencing us, nullifying our wishes and our votes and stealing this election.

Lindsey describes himself as “unbelievably pissed,” and the GOP officials as a “petty bunch of little piss ants.” He vows they won’t get away with it and that he will “raise holy hell about this.” But nobody is holier than Ted Cruz, are they Mr. Lindsey? He’s got that base of devout followers who, like him, falsely claim to be people of good moral character, willing to lie, cheat and steal to get him elected. He’ll just hold up the Bible, face towards Toronto, say a few of those secret 7 Mountain Cult “tongue words,” and heal you of your delusions of injustice.

Cruz will just pretend nothing’s happening as he is doing with his citizenship, the call girls, the mistresses and his election fraud. It’s all “Donald’s fault.” Messiah’s aren’t supposed to be challenged.

Lindsey says he’s “sick to death of how corrupt and dishonest these people are, in Douglas County for the GOP.” He says, “I’m ashamed to call myself a Republican” and vows that he never will be again after this election. He says, “This corrupt bunch of thieves is not even worth fighting for.”

He warns Jan Morgan, presumably the Precinct Captain behind the threats and the sleazy tricks, that she is not going to get away with this. He’ll find somebody that will listen to him. He will find some way to hold her accountable.

We’re listening Larry – give her and the rest of the snakes what they’ve got coming. Say a few words for the Lyin’ Canadian while you’re at it.

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