Trump Says CRAZIEST Thing Ever – You Won’t Believe This!

Trump takes a shot

Trump Says CRAZIEST Thing Ever

Donald Trump is known for making some pretty outlandish statements. His claim at Saturday’s campaign rally put all his previous ones to shame.

During a rally at Sioux Center, Iowa he spoke about the loyalty of his supporters. Referring to them as “my people,” he made the single most audacious comment of the campaign, thus far.

Trump takes a shot

Trump takes a shot

Talking about how “incredible” the staying power of of his followers is he said:

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

According to CNN, many Trump supporters have told pollsters and reporters that there wasn’t much that could make them change their mind about voting for the billionaire.

His bevy of followers are filling venue after venue to hear the Presidential candidate speak. This gives rise to a question. Is he right?

Are the “Re-Trump-licans”  so die hard that they are backing the man and not the mission?

CNN reporters approached him after the event and asked him to clarify his statement. In keeping with his typical style of handling the media, he declined.

If there is one thing that The Donald knows how to do, it is manipulate the media. He has pulled the cork from the bottle of pent up American frustration with his over-the-top sound bites.

The more outrageous his comments, the higher he builds the fever pitch. The more sarcasm his speeches drip with, the thirstier the public becomes for more.

In much the same manner that Obama ran a flawless social media barrage to win him the Presidency, Trump is going full steam on an engine fueled by sensationalism. And it’s working.  His numbers are approaching 60%.

It is unlikely that his supporters will take his declaration of their blind faith as an insult. After all, he did begin by calling them “smart.” If anything, it will be laughed off and become another Trumpism that further endears him to “his people.”

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