Trump Points To Dishonest Media – Tells Crowd, Like Clinton, They Think You’re Deplorable

In a campaign stop in Johnstown, PA, Donald Trump took a few moments to draw attention to what he identified as “the dishonest people in the media,” noting that they play a large role in the rigging of the system.

Trump gives what he’s saying a little time to soak in and observes the interaction between his supporters and the dishonest Clinton supporters he had just identified. He says, “Isn’t it amazing how, you know, they don’t even want to look at you folks. I think they consider you, like Hillary they consider you deplorable and irredeemable also.”


He continues, saying, “By the way, tonight when you go home and watch this on television, the only people you’re going to see,” as he turns around an points directly behind him. The members of his crowd positioned there break into applause as Trump turns back around, shaking his head and saying, “The only people they’ll show.”

“No, they’re not going to show the record-setting crowds,” says Trump. “They’re going to show the people [in] back but, you know what, their seat isn’t as good. But they’re going to become more famous because of this.”

He forms a little viewfinder box with his hands, mimicking the small segment of the huge crowds that they allow to be seen. The only part of the popularity argument that they can’t falsify are the crowds. They can lie about poll numbers, control the messaging in the media, focus on the unimportant while ignoring Clinton’s disqualifying crimes, medical conditions, judgment and lack of moral character, but they can’t fake the bodies in the seats. Their answer is to not show the huge Trump crowds, to remove it from part of the landscape.

Trump knows what they’re up to and he’s got a plan to get around their inherent dishonesty. He asks, “Can somebody act out being a protester so the cameras will all move over? He immediately has a volunteer in the audience so Trump announces to the media people, “There’s a protester, there’s a protester. The only time they move those cameras…oh look, there’s a protester, look,” as another volunteer takes up the challenge.  A third volunteer steps up to which Trump responds, “There’s another protester.

He adds, “These people are the worst.” The crowd agrees.

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