Trump Official – If GOP Steals Nomination Here’s What He’ll Do


Sam Clovis, a Donald Trump national campaign co-chairman, is asked by Alisyn Camerota on CNN about comments that the candidate made regarding the potential results of the Republican Party playing games with his delegates and attempting to steal his primary victories and the nomination away. Clearly that this now the plan, with Mitt Romney acting as the manipulative elite slutty cheerleader who gets around, having campaigned with John Kasich in Ohio and pledging to vote for Ted Cruz in Utah on Tuesday. The effort is not one of supporting either candidate but one of derailing Trump and possibly Cruz as well. The power elites are conspiring to steal the election from the people and aligning themselves with each of the trailing candidates as needed in order to engineer it. Just as with the Marxist Democrats, for the establishment GOP, the end justifies the means.

She paraphrases Trump, saying, “He said that he could imagine that there would rioting in the streets and big problems if he were denied somehow the nomination. Does he stand by those remarks; does he want to clarify those remarks?”

Clovis responds quite simply, “Mr. Trump speaks for Mr. Trump.”

She then brings a couple of the players in the conspiracy to manipulate the results in favor of the Washington establishment into the conversation, Speaker Paul Ryan and Erick Erickson.  She plays a clip of Ryan, who will play a critical role in physically orchestrating whatever treachery is rolled out on the American people. In it he says, “Nobody should says such things in my opinion because to even address or to hint to violence is unacceptable.” It’s particularly unacceptable for Ryan and his comrades when it complicates their trickery. The last thing they want is a scene that completely discredits and exposes their carefully crafted little charade.

The host asks her guest about the threats of violence, which he corrects her to the actual language used being riots. Clovis gives her his perspective, saying, “I’m probably going to be selected as a delegate from the State of Iowa to go to the floor of the convention. I’m honored to be a delegate from the state of Iowa, I haven’t been elected yet but if it goes well and I end up being a delegate, I’ll be honored to go and represent the state of Iowa. And I’ll be honored on the first ballot to cast my vote for Donald J. Trump.”

Mr. Clovis adds, “But I will tell you this, if the Republican Party comes into that convention and jimmies with the rules and takes away the will of the people, the will of the Republicans and the Democrats and the independents who have voted for Mr. Trump. I will take off my credentials, I will leave the floor of that convention and I will leave the Republican Party forever.

The elites will kill the GOP with shenanigans of that nature but that may be a price they are willing to pay to remain in power. Another four years under Clinton with their machinery still in place may be preferable to them to a Republican win by Donald Trump which returns power to the American people.

They don’t care about his country. Their governance demonstrates that reality most vividly. The fact that Hillary Clinton is still running for president rather than rotting in a cell somewhere is proof that this government is above the people and no longer accountable. Mr. Clovis is not alone in his sentiments. These elites may end up with a fire on their hands that is so hot it that it can’t be put out. In that case, they will most certainly be among the most severely burned.

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