Trump – Obama Snub At Havana By Castros, Should Have Turned Around, Left


Donald Trump pointed out some problems with the way Obama is interacting with Cuba.  In his Sunday comments Trump notes that Cuba wants to sue the United States for hundreds of billions of dollars for the purported harm we’ve caused them over the years. That’s a simple enough fix, he says, “Okay, when you make your deal you get rid of it.” He also reminded the audience that he’s not only going to keep Gitmo open, but that there will be more detainees arriving once he’s president.  That wasn’t what got Trump worked up.

He describes something he just heard about involving Hussein Obama and his trip to Cuba. He’s amazed and yet not really, that when our “president” landed in Cuba for his historic visit, neither Raul nor Fidel Castro was at the airport to greet him. Trump said, “He landed the plane; there was nobody there to greet him.”

An exasperated Trump asked, “Folks, what are we doing?” He explains what they should have done, in his opinion, at a minimum. He says, “Number one, he has his people call up, who’s going to be greeting the president. If they say nobody you don’t go until somebody’s there because you don’t want to look like a fool.”

He continues, “So ‘president’ Obama landed in Cuba and the head of Cuba, who was there for the Pope, and he was there for other dignitaries that come in. But he wasn’t there for the ‘president’ of the United States. I mean, we are amateur hour folks, amateur hour. “

He adds, “And honestly, Obama should have turned the plane around and left.”

How much more of a statement of disrespect for our pretend ‘president’ and our nation could they have made? There’s not much they could have done, save an obscene gesture or an official document declaring their disgust for Obama that would have sent the signal with any greater clarity. Even his fellow communists don’t respect him.

Maybe the Obama inner circle is fine with the disrespect; they’re probably immune to it at this point. For the other nations of the world and our status on the world stage it’s simple. This clown needs to go; November can’t come fast enough.

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