Trump Mortifies Defenseless Clinton With Truth Bombs At New York Dinner

Donald Trump kept his powder dry and held fire for the first part of his speech at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City, accepting and dishing out the typical good-natured roasting that these events feature. It is usually a light-hearted affair, a one day break in the campaign.

That’s an easy enough thing to accomplish when there are two establishment candidates running. Neither one is willing to risk alienating their financiers so they uphold the appearances. Or is it that they simply revert to normal, the good old boy network shows itself for what and who it is and for one day they don’t bother pretending to be adversaries?


With Donald Trump, who has been targeted by the people in the room in media as well as the dirty tricks and smears of the Clinton camp, their racketeering and election fraud, there’s nothing funny about the situation this nation is in. He recognized and acknowledged the media in attendance as being in the tank for her by organization and then unleashed the flamethrower on the primary target.

He followed up a joke about her not being able to remember her sins 39 times during confession with the words that brought startled expressions to everyone in the camera shot and surely in the room. They only got more intense over the next few minutes and the levels of discomfort elevated. At the 12:58 mark in the video, Mr. Trump said, “Hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the Watergate Commission. How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission? Pretty corrupt.”

If You Don’t Want to Watch the Whole Video, the Fireworks Start at the 12:58 Mark

Trump is clearly at this point in the program no longer in the comedic persona. He’s taken advantage of the opportunity and the captive audience to focus attention on his opponent in a manner that completely blindsided their campaign. It’s the kind of stuff he was renown for in the primaries. She’s mortified and there is not much she can do to stop it short of walking out or otherwise making a scene herself. That type of outburst might have resulted in a head bobbing attack so she was effectively trapped. Trump had her. The made up attacks on him with the bimbos from yesteryear were coming home to roost. He wasn’t in the mood to play the role of patsy for an evil little criminal like her and he doesn’t have to.

He notes how she’s corrupt, Washington is corrupt and she’s been part of the corruption and inaction for thirty years. She’s clearly fuming as she sits there, jaw clenched. A few boos can be heard, some of which Trump acknowledges. He doesn’t care what this crowd thinks, most of them hate him already; he’s probably enjoying himself immensely.

Score a knockdown for Donald Trump in the first round on this main event. She never saw what hit her.

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