What Trump Should Have Said About Melania’s Speech! It Would Have Ended The Debate.

What Trump Should Have Said About Melania’s Speech!

The world is abuzz with talk of Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention. The collective minds of the public have been blown by the similarities between it and Michelle Obama’s from 2008. There was an epic way to answer the critics and spin this whole situation to Donald Trump’s favor. Unfortunately, no one on his team recommended it.

Anything can be used to an advantage if you give it the right angle. A golden opportunity was missed by the Trump camp. I will provide you the response that I would have given had I been involved. (The word “so” will be included in copious amounts to be in keeping with Trump’s typical way of speaking.) Feel free to comment below, as many of you would anyway, as to whether you agree that the whole debate could have been ended with the proper answer.

Trumps after Melania's speech

Trumps after Melania’s speech

“I am thrilled that so many people paid such close attention to Melania’s speech. I already knew she had the power to have people hanging on her every word, but it’s great to have it confirmed. Lots of people are talking about the fact that she might have sounded a bit like Michelle Obama from 2008. That was the point, people. She used the Obama’s own words against them. It was meant to be ironic. The statement Michelle made back then was great. It was so great. Then her husband went and made a liar out of her. She said that ‘we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.’ That was terrific. Then Barak turns around and tells the whole country that certain races are limited because of their upbringing.  He says that they are limited by society. His actions make her words a punchline.

Melania wanted people to hear those words again, but she wanted them to be spoken by someone whose husband would back them up. My wife and I believe that the potential of children is huge. It is so huge. She wanted to send a message to the nation that promises made and broken by Obama would be fulfilled under my administration. I guess nobody thinks you can use irony in a language that isn’t your first. My wife is extremely intelligent. That I can tell you. People just underestimated her. She knew precisely what she wanted to say. Just because someone speaks with an accent, doesn’t mean they think with an accent.”

By owning the use of Michelle’s line, they raise Melania’s perceived level of capability. Then you get the added benefit of showing, yet, another way that Obama has failed. He failed to live up to the standard set by his own wife.

I know that no one is getting fired from the Trump camp over the whole speech debacle. Maybe somebody new should get hired, though. Get one person on staff whose sole responsibility is to spin things to help them. With all the ammunition that Obama and Hillary give them, it should be easy. It should be “so, so” easy.

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