Trump Family Generous, Caring and Loyal People – Black Female Executive Reveals


Lynne Patton is a woman who describes herself as a black female executive at the Trump organization. She felt compelled to, in what she says is an act totally unsolicited and previously unknown to the Trump family, write a letter which became the narrative for this video.

She objects to Donald Trump being misrepresented in the public sphere, on advertisements, in the reporting of supposed street demonstrations that are nothing more than riots provoked by paid agitators, to the media branding of him in ways that are completely false. Ms. Patton had to speak up.

She describes her relationship with the Trump family, saying they are, “Without question one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call friends. They have been incredibly loyal to me and to the countless dedicated people they employ around the world, hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I’ve ever worked.”

Patton says, “To equate racism with my boss’s call for a temporary moratorium on a flawed immigration system that radical Islamic terrorists continue to exploit or the construction of an impassable wall to protect our borders from the influx of illegal drugs is not only incendiary, it is wholly irresponsible and only serves to embolden the very hatred these draconian groups espouse.”

She asks, “What common sense American wants another terrorist attack on our soil or to perpetuate this country’s rampant drug epidemic? But to compare my boss to Adolph Hitler simply to spin your own political agenda or social media punch line is a personal affront to the extermination of over six million Jews and trivializes one of the worst acts of human genocide this world has ever seen.

She assures those reading her letter of her independence and free thinking, and fact-based decision making process. She goes on to describe how the Trump family has stood by her in “intensely difficult times, without hesitation or concern for their own reputation by association.”

She also speaks to their broader philanthropic efforts, such as with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, much of which is done beyond the public eye, privately.

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