Trump Explains Why He’s Keeping His Right To Challenge Election Fraud

Trump Explains Why He’s Keeping His Right To Challenge Election Fraud

Donald Trump followed up his superior debate performance in Las Vegas with a speech on Thursday in Ohio. He started by cleaning up a little unfinished business from the night before. Mr. Trump announced to his crowd in attendance and to the nation “that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election – if I win. With that he pointed to the crowd and broke into a huge grin. Maybe the media jackals will get the joke, odds are they won’t.

Trump acknowledged that the question of voter fraud came up during the debate. He said, “We want fairness in the election. This is having nothing to do with me but having to do with the future of our country. We have to have fairness. He then quotes the Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta as saying in emails revealed by WikiLeaks, “Illegal immigrants could vote as long as they have their driver’s license. What I’m saying is don’t be naive folks, don’t be naive.”


Trump noted, “One of the big issues that came up last night was the fact that the Clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt violently our rallies and to insight absolute, total bedlam.” Chants of “lock her up” broke out in the crowd. Trump says, “You know I’ve had occasions where we had rallies and it was so incredibly violent, I said, ‘What’s going on over here?’ These were paid people by the Clinton campaign and it just came out, and I give a lot of credit to the people that brought this out, believe me.”

“This is criminal behavior that violates centuries of tradition,” says Trump, “of peaceful democratic elections.” A campaign like Clinton’s, that will incite violence, is truly a campaign that will do anything to win.” He points to a long list of examples noting that committing voter fraud has to be included. Trump also points out that Clinton had been given a question word for word by DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile while she was working at CNN.

After referencing the pressure on Brazile to resign as DNC chair following the release of the information, Trump asks why shouldn’t Clinton also be required to resign. He says, “Think of it, she was given these questions, she used these questions, studied the questions, got the perfect answer for the questions, and never said that she did something that was totally wrong and inappropriate; hence the name, Crooked Hillary.

Her corruption is magnified in that she is running for the presidency, she should have reported the “mistake” but once again, just as with her criminal email arrangement, she didn’t. Trump announced, “Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to seek the office of the presidency. So it’s in that context that I was asked a question about whether I would agree in advance to concede the results on election night, if for some reason we should lose, which we’re not going to lose.”

He describes the unprecedented question, the attempt to concede the results in advance and commit to accepting their fraud and to waive protections provided by our system of government to the voters. That’s why Obama has been making arguments about the need to “stop whining” and accept the results. He and Hillary Clinton have both been working through the DNC to commit election fraud and they would like nothing better than to force their opponent to comply with their manipulated false results.

Trump goes on to point out many of the flaws in the system, many of them purposely engineered into it by Democrats and Republicans alike to manipulate the results of elections, to do exactly what the Clinton camp is doing right now. He cites statistics for illegal aliens voters registered, dead voters registered and voters registered in multiple states.

America has a system of laws that are triggered in the event of fraud or in the event of a recount where it’s needed. He says, “Of course I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result.

He promises to put America first to chants of “USA.”

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