Trump Derangement Syndrome Threatening To Take Over The Brainwashed

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“Does anyone know a real estate agent in Toronto?”

This writer was out with a group from church to celebrate a birthday.  The birthday girl, a privately educated, very cultured black woman who is 29 and holding, asked that question not quite sarcastically when the entirely too full of himself because he hasn’t failed yet in his life pipsqueak said – with his head lowered, and studying his smartphone – something to the effect of, I hate to put a damper on things, but Trump won the night.

Well, that opened the floodgates.

“The Republican Party is finished,” came from the dyed in the wool liberal community theater director who just railed against Republicans as if Democrats weren’t bankrolled by hedge fund managers and business magnates just the same as Republicans are.  He may actually be right in the long run, but not for the reasons he thinks.

“Why do we even have conventions anymore?  It’s all decided before we get there.”

“I used to follow politics, and had a legal pad and would stay up watching election returns. Now, I hate it.”

“What difference does it make if a person votes for Ted Cruz or Hillary?”

Yours truly only commented that this would be the end of hedge funds.  That’s actually a good thing for all the retirement money in the stock and bond markets, but the people at the table don’t know that.  Macro-economics is just not well understood.

Other statements and expressions of dismay came about.  This writer was too busy trying not to smirk to actually remember all of them.  Then, the only non-college educated person at the table – who considers herself an authority on a lot, and doesn’t know what she doesn’t know – pipes up and said, “I don’t get the electoral college.  It just doesn’t make any sense.”  (If she’d take her head out of Candy Crush Saga for a bit and READ, she could rectify that, but I digress.)

Yes, the urge to bang my head on the closest flat surface did threaten to take over.  I picked up my Irish whiskey instead, and only said that there have been over 700 attempts to get rid of the electoral college and none has made it out of the House of Representatives.  (That might not quite be true, but we still have a 200 year old system for electing the president that is NOT a popular election by design, and the liberals hate that idea.)

The succeeding conversation on the election, and the realities of how the original federalism of the United States has been systematically undermined with the people of the country none the wiser, started to hit home for someone who lives and breathes original federalism.  Even with five of the people at the table having been educated in parochial schools, and six having college degrees, one of whom was this writer, the ignorance displayed at that table of the American political system was stunning.  Either these people never really learned civics, or the echo chamber that they all inhabit is pushing the ideals of parliamentary government, not a federal one, and they all believe that is what should be adopted here.

This is not the first time this writer has encountered that mentality among the over educated and with people who do not venture outside of the CNN-Huffington PostNew York Times sphere of influence.  An old boss actually advocated for eliminating the states.  Everything, according to these people, should be done by popular vote.

Which may well be why Donald Trump winning primaries where the voting is open is driving them up a wall.  See, they may not be able to articulate it, but when ANYONE is allowed to vote in a contest, not when the voters are registered Republicans, Trump wins, and they do not understand why.  Trump is not in sync with the way the rest of the world works according to conventional wisdom, even if he doesn’t want to get into so many wars and these people are peaceniks who actually agree with that statement.  According to them, Trump is NOT for the common man, even if his platform is all about changing the trade and commerce treaties to keep international monetary forces from further impoverishing the American people.  When washed through the filters and veneers of the mainstream media, it all becomes a jumbled mess, and all the over educated sorts see is that this man from New York is not elegant, and uses small words to insult opponents.  For them, whether they realize it or not, the objection to Trump is style over substance.  The men behind the curtains who are pushing that meme are actually the ones who will be materially effected by a Trump victory, but that concept doesn’t get published, and it did not surface at the table.

The consumers of the liberal mainstream media, and even those who follow the more established and intellectual right-leaning organs, are united in one way: ANYONE but Donald Trump.  Why?  Because that is what they are being told.

This is not to advocate for any conspiracy theory sites as when any one of them actually publishes something that raises eyebrows, most of the information can actually be confirmed by internet searches.  The useful stuff tends to be published in long articles from sources like Bloomberg and the New York Times, but it is out there.  What it is not, is shared with broadcast audiences.  Why is another question, but what that scenario sets up is a segment of the electorate plugged into politics, emotionally invested in it even, where the sight of a revolution decades in the making is a puzzle and offensive to their delicate sensibilities.

And they are getting deranged just like what happened with President George W. Bush.

At this point, it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

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