Trump Campaign Mgr To Host – Hillary Clinton Disrespects You By Hiding


MSNBC Host Steve Kornacki pressed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the issue of the illegal aliens already in the United States and what his plan calls for in dealing with them. She’s not about to give away any secrets but says the upcoming speech will outline everything.


His angle of questioning on the issue of amnesty or whether there was a softening did seem to elicit responses from Conway that were not opposed to that idea. That is the same kind of posturing by Trump surrogates and the candidate himself that had led to questioning in the first place. The bottom line is that we’re going to have to wait a day to find out.

Conway seized upon the opportunity to point out the differences between the way her candidate interacts with the press and the way Clinton avoids them.

At approximately the 2:30 mark of the video, Kornacki asks if Trump changing his position wouldn’t be a tremendous disappointment to his supporters. Conway responded by saying, “I hope you ask Hillary Clinton the same question about Trade Promotion Authority and about 22 issues that I’ve memorized…” Kornacki interrupts to bring her back to the predetermined avenue of Trump, the route he had decided they’d be traveling. Conway had other ideas as to their destination.

She lets him change the subject back to immigration while encouraging him to “Ask her about immigration, why is she so critical of ‘president’ Obama on the issue of immigration?” She is to the left of him on the issue. She’s been critical of his deportations of over 2 million people that folks don’t really focus on.”

Conway says, “She wants open borders, she thinks sanctuary cities should just stay. Oh, and catch and release so law enforcement’s hands are tied. I mean, I’m here talking about Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy because she simply will not.”

She hits close to home telling Kornacki, “And she has such disrespect for you and your colleagues in the media she won’t even have a press conference. 270 days, you could have had a baby by now and you ought to be having a canary over the fact that this woman just won’t speak to the press.”

Conway tells him, “At least give us credit, that in about 24, 30 hours from now, you will have heard one of the presidential candidates’ full vision for immigration.

Being disrespected doesn’t bother an MSNBC talking head, he pursues Conway on the definition of amnesty and other aspects of the immigration question and ignores the tightening of polls that Conway brings up again. That’s the natural response when one remembers that his broadcast has nothing to do with news and everything to do with promoting Hillary Clinton and diminishing Donald Trump. Everything else is just part of the stage presentation.

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